My Family of Chickens!

By Ruby Mia · Dec 13, 2013 · Updated Apr 27, 2014 · ·
  1. Ruby Mia

    This is my sultan cockerel Chanty. The picture on the left is him when he was a couple of weeks old and the picture on the right is him now (we cut his hair so he could see a little better!). He is the craziest chicken I have ever come across and makes my laugh every day! We think he may have some kind of brain problem which is why he is quite daft, sometimes running into trees and the feeder, but that's what makes him special!

    This is my big mamma of the group, my speckled Sussex hen Dot. she was my first hen and is very adventurous. she especially loves to jump on heads!

    This is my blue cochin hen Ellie. she a great big fluff ball and will eat anything!

    This is my rescue hen Dora. she loves to explore a lot as you can see she has snuck into the house and found the cat food!

    Maxie is another one of my rescue hens and is named Maxie because when she walks, she lifts up her legs very high just like Max Wall.

    Blanche is another one of our x-battery chickens and is the most loving mother hen! She hatched one chick, Sunny, and then at the same time took on the mothering job of two other chicks which had been left by two of my other hens. She loves to be held and always loves attention!

    This is Amelia and Abigail, my little bantams who hatched a chick each together in the same nesting box and you can never seperate them!


    This is Bee my little polish hen who is very people friendly! She is very loud and noisy and loves to be petted and picked up!

    Here is Pip, the first chick I hatched. She is very sweet and one of my prettiest of the flock!


    ....and here is a family photo of all my chickens!

    Hope you enjoyed! [​IMG]

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  1. featherweightmn
    What a nice flock you have!
  2. Ruby Mia
    Thank You!
  3. gander007
    This is one magnificent looking flock you have there !!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ruby Mia
    Thanks for the info, the picture of Shanty was from a year ago, and we now cut his hair every so often which helps him a lot! i would post a pic of their eggs, bit Ellie, Dot, Amelia and Abigail are in their molt at the moment, so i will post pics as soon as possible, but my speckled sussex eggs are fairly large :)
  5. One Chick Two
    What a beautiful flock! Maybe try trimming Shanty's feathers near his eyes. I've heard that trimming can be very helpful to eyesight in these largely crested breeds. Just curious...What size eggs does your speckled sussex lay- smaller than a RIR? Is she a good egg layer? Would love to see an egg comparison photo with all of your different breeds. ; ) Thank you so much for sharing!

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