My favorite chickens!!

By farm316 · Nov 23, 2014 · ·
  1. farm316
    Here are my top 5 favorite chickens that I own!

    [​IMG]<<<<<<<<< This is my Americauna and she is a good hen, She is number 5

    [​IMG]<<<<<<<<<< This is Fruity Pie- Although the isn't very nice to newbies in her flock, she always has a place in my heart- 4th favorite

    [​IMG]<<<<<<<<<< This is Crow, he is a EE/AC Rooster yet he is very skittish to me, he's the first rooster that we are able to keep.. Because we got the No-crow solar for him. He is my 3rd favorite

    [​IMG]<<<<<<<<< This is alma, she is one of our top-rank hens still, and has managed to be at the md- pecking order… Though Sugar has put her down a few notches. She is my 2nd favorite.
    Now sugar has 2 pics that I will post, she has a small comb then she has a large comb (for some reason, it just poof she has a huge comb!!)
    [​IMG]<<<<<<< See her waddle is small

    [​IMG]<<<<< And now its huge!! Yes, this is the same chicken I can assure you..
    Anyway, this is the first chicken that comes running too me when I come out the back door! She isn't afraid of me and allows me to pick her up for a few 4..3..2..1.. "I wan a be let down!! Immediately!!" She says. She is a very spoiled chicken. and Also must let other's know that she is that dominant hen!

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  1. Lilorp14
    and ?fruity-pie? may had haven a "gender switch"
  2. Lilorp14
    "number 5" is an exact replica of my EE hen dumpling
  3. ChickyChickens
    Haha, I loike this...

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