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By GoldenFlight · Apr 4, 2017 · Updated Apr 13, 2017 · ·
  1. GoldenFlight
    I just want to make a page for all my favorite pictures I've taken so far this year. I'll be adding more every time I get more! Enjoy!!! :)

    Lucy and Snuggles having a bit of a disagreement.....
    Wild house sparrow
    Wild pigeon
    One of our newest baby pigeons.
    Blair splashing

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  1. biophiliac
    I hope you will submit one or more of your photos for the 'Other Poultry Calendar ' for 2018 - They are really the best! :D
  2. LCinVa11
    Just, wow. :love
  3. GoldenFlight
    Thank you sooooooooo much!!!! :)
  4. Ballerina Bird
    You take the most amazing photos!
  5. MissNutmeg
    Aw they are beautiful! Great pictures!!!
  6. GoldenFlight
    Oh, okay!! We saw him at the San Diego zoo.... Thank you!
  7. Vyctoria
    Gorgeous work!
  8. Nyla
    The duck you don't know the name of is called Smew Duck! I acutlly have them! Very nice and beautiful pictuers!
  9. GoldenFlight
    Thank you and your welcome! ;)
  10. NEgoosegirl
    Wow! Those are some really gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  11. mymilliefleur
    Stunning photos! Your birds are adorable!
  12. GoldenFlight
    They must be stunning then! :D
  13. LauraBrown
    Awesome pictures Jacob!
  14. chicken4prez
    Stunning photos!!!!!
  15. Lozuufy
    Stunning pictures!
  16. GoldenFlight
    Awwwww.... Thank you both!
  17. RodNTN
    What beautiful pictures Jacob! They are truly breathtaking!! <3
  18. biophiliac
    Just ...beautiful!... all of them!
  19. GoldenFlight
    Thank you so much! She is!!!
  20. Miss Lydia
    Beautiful Pictures as always.
  21. JaeG
    Love your photos! That one of Lauren is precious. She looks like the sweetest bird ever.
  22. NathanZee

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