My Feathered Family

By mcurry · Apr 6, 2013 ·
  1. mcurry
    To date, I have 16 feathered family members.
    7 Buff Orpington. (3 weeks old) I was told they were all pullets, but here lately I'm starting to see wattles I think, and if it's the case then 3 roos. I'll be keeping one roo and rehoming the other 2. They are sweet chicks, but seem to be skiddish compared to my others.
    5 Rhode Island Red. (5 weeks old) These are all pullets and about as sweet as they come. They love to roost on my head or shoulder and come along with me. I hung cd's in their brooder and it's their favorite toy now. They go crazy for oatmeal, fermented feed, and egg yolk. When I bought them the lady told me they were Production Reds, but later contacted me to clear the misunderstanding. They are supposed to be Rhode Island Reds purely. I didn't care either way. Beautiful little ladies to me.
    2 Buff Cochin Bantams. (3 days old) These tiny cuties were in a Bantam Mystery Bin. It didn't take too much research to discover their breed. Still trying to determine how to sex them via their wings. Hoping at least one pullet out of the two so I can keep them both. I just can't get over their fiesty side and super cuteness.
    2 Black Australorps. (3 days old) I could NOT resist the cute fuzz. The kids kept telling me they looked like penguins. lol I snatched two pullets up and brought them home. They're very sweet little ladies and tend to baby the Cochin Bantams even though they're all the same age. I get a kick out of watching the Cochin Bantams trying to nuzzle under the Australs wings and chest to sleep.
    I'm not done with my feathered family though. At this time I'm still in search of Lavender Wyandottes and Dominiques. I'm sure another beautiful breed will catch my eye too. lol

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