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By wesleyd · Jan 3, 2016 · ·
  1. wesleyd
    These are my Birds that I have been recently raising. some started out as city slickers and became country. now I dont know the breeds of all of them and would like your help identifying them. some of the hens were originally mine when i lived in San Angelo TX. about the time i moved out to my grandfathers farm I was given the opportunity to capture several Ferrell chickens in a neighborhood blocks from my home. it took 2 nights to catch 12 extremely wild chickens and one rooster. I rebuilt the hen houses at the farm and put them in there for several weeks trying to unsuccessfully tame them. i finally let them out of the coop and my 8 pets too. they free roamed the place until the neighbors dog and mine started thinning them out. got the dog problem taken care of (no dogs injured one was relocated in the family and one pinned up better.) with the remaining hens and last rooster they hatched a total of 10 chicks between 2 hens. since one of the ferrel hens had six i took her babys and introduced them to one of my tame hens to raise inside the coop. unfortunatly the ferrell hen was killed by a large barn owl im still trying to get rid of. the remaining chickens are cooped up once again to protect them from the owl.[​IMG] This is Scout. he was the first to be born at the farm since 1989. he was 1 of 4 chicks from my pets. he is the sole survivor of a dog attack. he looks like his daddy who was a stray in my flock. his daddy was killed by a dog attack shortly after scout was born . he was born in June of 2015.
    [​IMG] This chick was born from one of the ferrel rooster and hens i captured im not sure but because this is the only one that looks like this in color (like its daddy) i think this one is a rooster. i don't know its breed but because i let one of my pets raise it, it is extremely friendly and doesnt mind being under my feet as long as i dont try to pet it too much. hatched september 30, 2015.
    [​IMG] these 2 also born september 30, 2015 have the coloring of their mother in the neck and head but the rest of them look more like their father. they 2 are friendly enough to come up to you. i hope they are not roosters but because of the way their tails look im afraid they are that would make 4 roosters in my flock. so far Scout hasnt messed with them but he is just 4 months older than they are.
    [​IMG]these rusty twins are drinking water with their adoptive mom Tamborina who suprisingly is Scouts real mother. looking thru forums to identify this breed i think they are speckled sussex but because they have 2 different breeds of mother and father i dont see how these over friendly mutts could be that. when i come into the coop they are
    right there in front of the group to greet me and i have to push them back to keep them in.

    [​IMG] Tamborina and her 2 sisters Road runner and Coconut showed up stray at my house in town. being young and malnourished they joined my original flock of 5 in my back yard. she is 3 yrs old and has mothered Scout but could not raise him. her sister Road Runner had too. Tamborina is very broody and would give up her chicks to steal someone elses nest. she hatched 4 more chicks september 30. and i put six more chicks with her but had to watch her closely and sometimes throw her out of the coop for a few hrs to rescue the chicks. surprisingly she was able to finish raising her brood and has become a better mama. she and her surviving sister Road Runner are 3 yrs old. out of the 10 chicks she raised she only lost one to a stray cat all her babies except her original 4 are pictured above. any ideas of her breed? left wing has a single white feather and her neck has a rusty tint. her sister coconut was the same exept her neck was frosty colored. and Road runner is solid black with one white feather on her wing as well.

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  1. wesleyd
    Tamborina has finally started laying again. thats the first 2 eggs I have gotten from any of the hens in 2 months. i know that the daylight hrs being shorter has a lot to do with it. I have another hen named White Chick. she was attacked by something here back in August and had a big gash in the back of her head. I barely got her healed from that and she began Molting. she looked pathetic. right now she looks ok but she is not the same chicken. I cant put her in the flock again so I let her stay around the house. she keeps to herself and sleeps a lot. im still trying to get her color back in her head dressings and comb. her comb used to be so big it would flop over her eye. right now its shriveled up and dont hang like it used to. any ideas? i did treat her for fleas last week that helped some.
  2. TwoCrows
    Beautiful flock! :)
  3. crazyfeathers
    Im at a loss for breeds sorry i can't help you there. Those are some beautiful birds. The two pictured together are roosters. Tamborina is a beautiful hen, maybe a black copper maran mix? I love barn yard mix chickens they come in so many colors, sizes, and patterns.

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