My first 12 chickens ever...story of a city girl trying to live a country life!

By nfitzgeraldRN · Jul 27, 2013 · Updated Jul 28, 2013 · ·
  1. nfitzgeraldRN
    I lived in a suburb of Denver for the majority of my childhood and adult life. About 6 years ago with the passing of my mother my family packed up and moved to a rural area approx 65 miles northeast of Denver. My husband loves living out here as does my son. I enjoy and appreciate all the beauty, but occasionally miss the convenience of my city upbringing. Living out this far has helped me grow as a women. I love animals and was always the first one to offer to care for others pets when they leave town for a short stay...but I only have managed to make a few friends out here. My dream was to have chickens and horses. Finally my husband said I could get my chickens!! I was SO excited. I had so many ideas about my coop and the chickens, I just couldn't wait. Before I purchased my chicks I did a bunch of reading up, talked with my few friends that did own chickens and accepted any and all tips and advice. I placed my order through McMurray Hatchery and anxiously awaited my little arrivals. I made sure to educated my family about all the little chicken facts I had learned. Once my chicks came, I was so happy! Wow, chicks are a lot of work! They were so worth it and I think that is how you bond with them, just like with puppies and kittens. I lost quite a few and was feeling pretty down, but the ones that survived kept me busy, entertained and content. I now have 12 chickens. I have 2 Japanese bantams, 2 new Hampshire's, 1 black frizzle Cochin bantam, 1 white silkie bantam, 3 California white leghorns, 1 blue laced wyandotte, 1 rose comb brown leghorn and 1 partridge rock bantam. They are approx 15 weeks old
    Harriet (hen) my New Hampshire with my Romeo Roo (Japanese bantam) checking out the nesting boxes...Penny down below seeing what's going on. (hen also New Hampshire)


    Juliet my japanese bantam hen. Top of the pecking order...

    Lucy, Hen. She is my partridge rock bantam
    Harriet again, she's very friendly.
    Hefe. Rooster. Blue laced wynadotte. Hes see what the cat is up too.
    and now seeing what Harriet is doing... thats why his name is Hefe.
    This is my California white leghorn (hen far left. 3 of these- all look alike. Lilly, Milly and Tilly. We call them the "illys".) She is sitting with my Rose comb brown leghorn. Just found out she is a hen, doesnt have a name yet.
    My silkie White Crack. Hen I believe. She used to be high strung like black crack, but now much calmer and sweeter.

    . [​IMG]
    This is our black frizzle. His name is black crack because it acts all crazy like a crack head running all scared and squawking all the time. My 14 year old daughter is holding him, attempting to calm his demeanor a bit. ( Not really working) They are so much fun and we enjoy them every day! Cannot wait for our next batch!
    Nighty night!

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  1. Whittni
    I enjoyed this story too, thanks for sharing!
  2. ILuvsChicks
    Great story. What did people do for entertainment in the days days before televisions? I believe they sat and watched their chickens. Just sit back with a tall glass of tea and enjoy. Best of luck with your chickens.

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