My first Coop- still under construction

By chrisrdon · Jun 8, 2015 · Updated Jun 8, 2015 · ·
  1. chrisrdon
    It all started when the girlfriends co-worker asked if we could watch his chickens for a few weeks. When he returned home he did not want them back... And so it began... For the end of last summer and the winter the chickens have been residing in my old grain room in the barn. This was not ideal because of how far the barn is from the house. Plus once I found out how fun it was to have chickens and fresh eggs I knew they needed a proper home. I am going to add some day old chicks to the family once I get the build done.

    The plan started with a 6 by 8 foot print (now i wish it was 10 by 8). I sunk 4"x"4x12' into the ground for a solid build. I wanted to use the space under the coop as part of the run, the coop is 18 inches off the ground. The coop is 87 inches high in the front and 77 inches in the back.


    Any wood that was going to be exposed is pressure treated.

    Ended up adding three windows and one vent.

    T1-11 going up.

    Using everyone's ideas here on the site I decided to have access to get eggs from outside.

    It's still a work in progress but the exterior of the coop is almost ready for paint. The metal roofing is on. Now it's time to work on the inside.
    I am adding two plugs inside. Two lights on the ceiling and one light on the front by the people door. While I was working on this I got carried away. I started to insulate. Then I found a wall heater for 85 bucks at Menards. Once I get the build finished I will rig up an old garage door opener to open and close the chick's door. I'll add more pictures.



    I am going to paint the walls inside and put down vinyl flooring for easy cleanup.

    Any advice and critiques welcome. Since I am not done building this, now is the time for everyone's wisdom to help me finish this build. I know I already screwed up by not making It bigger, but it will have to do for now.

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  1. tjo804
    "Can't wait to see the finished project"
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    how big are you planning the run?

    If you are digging a trench already for electricity I would suggest adding a water source as well.

    Sounds like you will have some really spoiled chickies.

    I wanted to add A/C to my coop, DH Is still laughing.

    Great looking coop good and solid.


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  1. birds4kids
    What kind of wall heater? Anything forced air or the like is a terrible fire hazard in dusty coop conditions. A low intensity infrared panel might be safe but only use it in the coldest weather.
  2. Chipper Chicken
    A couple recommendations.....more vents, it's the stifling air and ammonia buildup in summers that's worse than the winters cold to chickens health. Blackjack 57 on the floor, and since you have a Menards locally, check out the resin waterproof wallboard 4' x 8' sheets. I'm using it (glued to thin plywood) under my roosts and around the roost "poop splash" zone to make clean up a breeze. It's called Plas-tex interior wallboard. Good luck, have fun, looks great so far! Chipper

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