My first coop

By Buffalowingz · Jan 23, 2019 · ·
  1. Buffalowingz
    I went a little overboard on the insulation however the winters are cold here and I want everyone to be comfortable. Any advice is welcomed thanks. I'm adding roosts and nesting boxes, the dimensions are 4 x 4 x7' h. I hope 7 or 8 hens fit in here comfortably. If not on to the next coop project! IMG-20190117-WA0000.jpg IMG-20190113-WA0002.jpg IMG-20190113-WA0001.jpg

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  1. BReeder!
    This looks well constructed. It does seem a bit tight IMO for 7-8 hens. I'm thinking of the poop build up.
    Is this located indoors? Or in a finished barn or something?
    Do you have an outdoor coop as well? Do the chickens have outdoor access from this coop? While warmth is nice, some chickens don't mind and even enjoy the cold winter weather.
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    1. Buffalowingz
      Thanks, its currently in th garage, the new chicks will have to stay inside for the winter. It will go outside. I'm going to put an addition on to the back. It was built from old skids
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    2. Buffalowingz
      Pop will be a bit of an issue
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    3. Buffalowingz
      Poop sorry
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