My First Year Raising Chickens!

Well, we managed to get through our first year raising chickens without too much stress. They've stayed healthy and productive, each giving me an egg a
day most of the time. We did have some pecking issues over the winter that put one of my 6 Isa Browns in isolation in the garage so she could heal. Each time I tried to re-introduce
her the pecking started all over again. So after 4 months in the garage,a friend of my daughters took her so he could start his own flock. Sadly, he left her
free ranging one day and a neighbors dog killed her so I am down to 5 hens but I have not had to buy eggs so I am fine with that. I have gotten some requests for plans of our
PVC run but my engineer hubby designed it and is so busy at work that it could be a while before I can post that!

Well, my original flock of Isa Browns molted at the beginning of the year (2011) and that really slowed down their egg laying.
They were also becoming very mean to each other so I decided to put them in freezer camp and start the spring with new chicks.
My daughter wanted some also so I ordered 10 Black Australorp chicks from my local feed guy and got those around the first of May.