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  1. torilovessmiles
    Red, a Red Sexlink. She's about 20 months old now. She's a very dominant girl, and a dependable layer.

    Fonzie, a Rhode Island Red, now 2 years old. In that time, he has saved his hens from two dog attacks and lived to tell the tale! Even though he is blind in one eye, he manages to protect the flock, earning himself a permanent place. Since this picture, he is much more scarred up from fighting and lost the tips of his comb to frostbite.

    Sylvia, a silver sebright (7 months old).

    Mama, and American Game (blue wheaten?). She is approximately 2 years old, and is a wonderful mother hen.

    Mr. N.B. Fabulous, a 7 month silklie rooster with possible the weirdest single comb ever. My mom loves him, however, so he stays.

    Boots B. Fabulous, a silkie pullet. I got her and Mr. Fabulous for my mom in a bantam bin at tractor supply. There were only three chicks that looked like them, and I was pretty sure they were silkies, so I snagged them when I had the chance. Boots had to were corrective braces on her feet for curled toes, which is how she got her name. N.B. got his name from her, too. "Not Boots!"

    Violet, 7 month old Pekin Duck. Violet is one very special ducky. This little sweetie was attacked by a dog, losing two of her flockmates, when she was not even three months old. (The same attack that Fonzie saved the chicken hens from). When I picked her up off the ground, it was obvious she had a spinal injury. She was unable to move her legs or wiggle her tail. Putting her down was considered, but we decided to give her a few days to recover. After just a couple of days, she was able to move her tail some and could scoot herself around on one leg (a little). We decided to save her and try to help her heal. It took about two months of aquatherapy and a steroid shot in her spine, but Violet began walking on her own! I cried when I walked into the room and saw her on her feet! Just a few days after that, she was able to feel the grass under her little webbed toes for the first time since she was attacked. She sometimes still walks with a limp and holds her tail a little lower than the other ducks, but she is otherwise completely normal!

    Another special duck, Chuck is a Pekin x Mallard drake. Chuck and his hatchmates Zorra and Blondie, were found the day after the dog attack that killed our two Rouen ducks and injured our remaining Pekins, at a pet store. My mom was extremely depressed the day after the attack, since the ducks were her pets, so I suggested we go into the pet store to try and cheer her up. When we walked into the pet store, we heard peeping. That peeping was coming from day-old ducklings that a local farmer had just sold to the store. My mom cried when she saw them, it was like fate. We went home with the three of them, and they are the friendliest ducks I've ever met!

    Younger Chuck in his Juvenile feathers!

    Marquis, my rather comical salmon Faverolles cockerel (5 months)

    Newly hatched chicks under our hen, Goose, a red sexlink that went broody. She turned out to be a great mother! We nicknamed her chicks "the Goslings" because of their mother's name.

    That's just a few of the flock! While these are technically my mom's birds, I live with her and help her care for them. She is often ill, and they give her motivation. There is nothing better than chicken therapy!

    Thanks for reading! ^.^

    Update: Thanks for the kind comments! I was so happy to get pic of the week! I've got some new pics!

    Uno, the first chick I ever hatched myself, lookin' fine, strutting her stuff!

    Mr. Fabulous, Crowing his little heart out

    Thomas, an American Game cockerel. I have an important project planned for him!

    Destroying a straw bale that was left of the porch! Naughty chickens...

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  1. SugarPlum
    Fonzie is a great protector!!! They are all lucky to have him & you!
  2. CherriesBrood
    Congrats on POW! Love your flock!
  3. Bridebeliever
    What a sweet flock! I particularly enjoyed Violets story. I don't have any ducks but I love them. Thanks for sharing!
  4. chikki
    Thanks for sharing! Violet looks so sweet and Fonzie is a very impressive looking roo!
  5. chicken4prez
    Wow, you have a wonderful flock!
  6. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  7. hashworld
    Very pretty flock and great pics too :
  8. Watermelon123
    Cute flock! Nice pics too.
  9. chickenneighbor
    Pretty flock!

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