My Flock of Mille Fleur Belgian Bearded d'Uccles

By mymilliefleur · Mar 8, 2015 · Updated Mar 21, 2015 · ·
  1. mymilliefleur
    Welcome to my flock page! I have been raising them since 2005. They are one of my favorite
    bantams breeds, and sweet docile birds, great pets, and good mamas. My flock consists of:

    Gizmo was hatched by one of my Game hens in spring 2013. Despite being raised by natural
    incubation, he is very tame and docile and enjoys being held. Gizmo is my top rooster, and
    doesn't mind letting other roosters know this. Even if they are double his size! Gizmo enjoys
    eating treats, being petted, enjoying spring greens, and watching over his lady's.

    Garbanzo hatched out of a batch of mail order hatching eggs in summer 2013. Though he was
    handled a lot as a chick, he is rather standoffish and nervous, but willing to defend his hens in
    if he has too. Garbanzo is second below Gizmo, but the two get along very well. He loves
    leading his girls out to free range, dust bathing, and fresh greens.

    Buttons was hatched by a barnyard game hen in spring 2012. She is one of my two remaining
    d'Uccles out of my original stock, and one of my personal favorites. Buttons is very calm, a little
    shy with strangers, and enjoys being held, but not by strangers. She has had a cankerous
    growth in her left nostril for the past year. Thankfully it does not seem to be getting any larger.
    Buttons enjoys hanging out, scratching in the garden, and being held.

    Speckles was hatched a month after Buttons, and is also out of my original stock. In fall 2013
    two of my d'Uccles, my booted bantam, my sebright, and two mixed bantams got out of their
    coop leaving Speckles and my former rooster in the coop. It was early morning, and sadly, a
    mother fox and kits came through, killing all six of the escapees. Though Speckles, still in the
    coop, was not physically harmed, she never got over the massacre of her flock and has been
    nervous and jumpy ever since. She is improving though. Speckles loves to free range, and
    hang out with her flock mates.

    Peppercorn was hatched by a barnyard game hen in spring 2013. She is sister to Gizmo, and
    her father is a murray mcmurray rooster, who I was not pleased with due to all his daughters
    having black partridging around the base of their tails, and black around their necks. Peppercorn
    is my second flightiest d'Uccle, but her personality has improved substantially. Her favorite
    thing to do is free ranging, and scratching in my garden.

    Buttercup hatched out of mail order hatching eggs in summer 2013. She is my friendliest
    d'Uccle, and my families favorite. Though she has has too much white to be on my breeding
    plan, her wonderful personality makes her a for sure keeper. Buttercup loves eating treats of
    any kind, free ranging, and being held.

    Sunshine is also out of mail order hatching eggs, and hatched in summer 2013. She is one of
    my friendliest d'Uccles and cannot resist being curious of everyone and everything that comes
    into the coop. I am hoping for some very pretty chicks off of her and Gizmo next spring. Buttercup
    loves free ranging, tasty treats such as eggs, greens, and yogurt, and being held.

    Ruby is also out of mail order hatching eggs and hatched in summer 2013. She is very inquisitive
    and friendly and enjoys people. Ruby has more of a mahogany look to her then my other d'Uccles,
    and is also one of my smaller ones. She is unrelated to Gizmo, and I hope to hatch some chicks
    off of them soon. Ruby loves treats, free ranging and being held.

    Jewel was hatched out of mail order hatching eggs in summer 2013 along with Garbanzo,
    Buttercup, Miracle, Sunshine, and Ruby, shortly after I lost most of my adult d'Uccles to a fox
    attack. Despite being hand raised, she is very flighty and jumpy and does not like to be handled.
    Jewel is a very good layer and enjoys greens and free ranging.

    Miss Stacy
    Miss Stacy was hatched spring 2014 in my Incubator. She is friendly and docile, but runs when
    the camera comes out, so getting a good photo of her, is very difficult. She also hates being
    held, but enjoys eating out of your hand.

    Jubilee is another young d'uccle from this past year. She is not overly friendly, but OK with
    people she knows. Jubilee is a very active bird and always on the look out for a way to escape.
    She enjoys a variety of things from free ranging to dust bathing.

    Cupcake was hatched spring 2014. She is very camera shy, but is an all around good natured
    bird. She is a good layer, and is one of my larger d'Uccles. She loves attention and her favorite
    treat is fresh greens from the garden.

    Cheesecake was hatched in my incubator last year along with Miss Stacy, Jubilee, and Cupcake.
    Though she was handled a lot, she tends to be jumpy and does not like to be held. Her favorite
    things to do are free ranging and hanging out with her sister Cupcake.

    Mandy was hatched in spring 2014 along with my other young d'Uccles. She was one of my
    ''extra'' birds that I was planning to sell, but I decided to keep her after losing Miracle.
    She is a friendly good natured girl, and likes people.

    R.I.P Miracle
    Miracle hatched out of mail order hatching eggs in summer 2013. She was a friendly good
    natured bird, and loved treats of all kinds. She lived july 2013 - febuary 27th 2015.
    She most likely died of some kind internal injury, or related problem.

    Besides these birds, I have 3 extra hens and a rooster that I planing on rehomeing soon.

    Thanks for checking out my flock page!

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  1. The Angry Hen
  2. Cluckies
    They are lovely :)
  3. aalissa
    Lovely Girls and handsome Roos, I love your descriptions of the personalities and through this I can tell you really love your birds.
  4. mymilliefleur
    Thanks @Autumn D , most of that I did know, though I didn't know that mille fleur referred to a class of art. Very interesting. I have done some research on the correct pronunciation of d'Uccle, and while many people disagree on it, I believe the french pronounce it ''duke-cluh''.
  5. Autumn D
  6. Autumn D
    awww... you have such cute birdies. I also have two millefleur D'uccles (did you know d'uccle is actually pronounced: "dew-clay"?), their names are Maisy and Daisy. Daisy is more buff with smaller spots while Maisy is more white with bigger spots. Isn't it strange how there coloration varies so? I found that millefluers that look like Daisy with the smaller spots are closer to the standard and show better then millefluers that are more white with bigger spots. I also use to have a Millefluer rooster named Mickey but sadly the fox got him. :( Maisy is more agressive then Daisy and is at the top of the pecking order while Daisy is more calm and about 3rd in a pecking order of 7. I also have 2 Millefluer mutts, crossed with a buff brahama bantam, however aside from having vulture hocks (a trait unique to the Millefluer and booted bantams, and a disqualification in other breeds) and a few white and black spots on their head, they look like their father, Cutie the buff brahama, who also got eaten by the same fox :(. The word Millefluer comes from a style of art that was popular during the middle ages where in the background of paintings are a bunch of small flowers, which the Millefluer D'uccle's plumage is thought to look like. The D'uccle part of the name is named after where the breed originated, D'uccle, Belgium. So there is a bunch of useless information about he breed that i happen to know being in 4-H and showing chickens. Thanks for the information on your birds!!! :)
  7. Dalhart
    Beautiful Chickies! I enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Two Chicksahs
    I really enjoyed the photos and descriptions and they give people a good idea of what the Mille Fleur Belgian Bearded d'Uccles look like. Boy that's a mouth full! Thanks for sharing them with us.
  9. mymilliefleur
    Yes, it should, I get my years confused some times. ;)
  10. DonaldG
    Love the colour of your chickens but shouldn't the date born on some of them be 2014 and not spring of 2015?
  11. mymilliefleur
    Thanks for all the kind comments everyone! :-D
  12. sunflour
    Lovely flock. So sorry about Miracle. Wish everyone could know the unique personality of chickens. Thanks for sharing.
  13. featherweightmn
    Gorgeous flock!!!
  14. Book Em Danno25
    Gizmo is awesome
  15. mymilliefleur
  16. Chicken Girl1
    I LOVE Gizmo! He is so handsome! All of your flock is gorgeous! Ever since I've seen your flock of d'Uccles I wanted some of my own. Thanks so much for sharing!
  17. lovepeeps
    pretty flock
  18. crazyfeathers
    Very nice birds!
  19. mymilliefleur
    @BantamFan4Life, I got my girls from different places, some came from mail order hatching eggs off of eBay (I can't find that seller anymore, but If I could I would definitely recommend them, I got a great hatch and the birds did very well) Gizmo and Peppercorns father is a mcmurray hatchery rooster, and I don't remember where my original birds came from (it was too long ago). I have been breeding them for the past 2 years and have seen a lot of improvement. I'm very pleased with them. :-D
  20. BantamFan4Life
    Wonderful!! Your birds are really good (show) quality birds, where did you get them from?
  21. ChickyChickens
    WOW, nice flock you have!! Nice looking birds!!! Sorry about Miracle!
  22. Americano Blue
    Awesome job! Lovely birds!
  23. Mountain Peeps
    Lovely flock!! Sorry about Miracle!

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