Welcome to my Flock of Mille Fleur Belgian Bearded d'Uccles!
I've been raising these sweet little birds now for 15 years, and breeding them to the standard for about 8 years. They are such a fun, quirky, social Breed. I have found them to be excellent subjects for photography as well.
I had written an article on BYC about my flock 5 years ago, and realized recently just how much my flock has grown and changed since then.
Considering there is always a need for more Chicken photos on the web, here is a new flock page for 2020!



Shoes, Boots, and Slippers

The youngest members of my flock, they were all hatched in Spring of 2019. They are all three active and friendly. They stick together, and can almost always be found out scratching in the run.



Peanut was hatched in Spring of 2018. As a chick she somehow injured one of her feet, and has hopped on one leg ever since. This has not slowed her down however. She was raised by a broody hen, so is a bit more standoffish than my other d'Uccles, but she loves treats, and always comes hopping along on her one good leg to get them.


Pretzel and Pumpkin

These two are both from a dozen hatching eggs that I purchased. They were hatched in Summer of 2018. They are active hens, and are usually found out scratching in the run when they are not looking for a way to escape. They are my two flightiest d'Uccle hens.



Cheeks was hatched and raised by a Turkey hen in Spring of 2017. She is friendly and full of personality. She has all of the spunkiness that is so characteristic of the d'Uccle Breed. She is very popular with visitors to the farm.


Fancy and Sassy

Hatched with Cheeks in spring of 2017, Fancy and Sassy are friendly birds. They are active, and good natured, always looking for a treat. The can usually be found outside scratching, when they are not broody and sitting on eggs.



Spots is my friendliest d'Uccle. She is always the one who comes running first when I go into the coop. She is a small, dainty d'Uccle, and very full of personality! She was hatched in Summer 2017. Spots life did not start out so well. As a chick she was serious scalped, leaving the left side of her scull exposed. I first thought to put her down, but she seemed in good spirits, so I decided to give her a chance to recover. It took months but the wound on her head did eventually heal, though she has a bad scar next to her left eye. Today, at nearly 3 years old she is a healthy, happy hen.



Cinnamon was hatched in spring of 2016. She has a very alert look, and bright eye. She is an active, outgoing bird, usually to be found outside in the run foraging.
Cinnamon is one of my larger d'Uccles, and a very good layer.



Hatched in Spring 2014, Mandy is one of my ''old girls''. She is a friendly, good natured hen. She is not the most active bird, usually to be found in the coop, when she is not broody.


Miss Stacy

Miss Stacy is one of my friendliest d'Uccles. She was hatched in my incubator along with Mandy in spring 2014. She has a very nice full beard, and looks very similar to my hen Cheeks. She's not the most active bird anymore, but she still comes running for treats.



Buttercup was hatched in my incubator in summer of 2013. She is from mail ordered hatching eggs, that I purchased to replenish my flock after a fox attack in 2013. She has too much white in her coloring, but her friendly, outgoing deposition has made her a keeper for all these years. Though, nearly 7, she is still active, and can usually be found out scratching with my mixed bantys, or looking for a way to fly the run.



Jewel was hatched out of mailordered hatching eggs along with Buttercup back in 2013. She was always a bit flighty, but has really gotten docile in her old age. Shes not very active, but still goes broody every summer without fail.



Hatched Summer of 2012, Speckles is my second oldest d'Uccle. She is slow these days, but still holds her place as top hen in the coop. She is bossy and outgoing. I lost all my bantams but Speckles and Buttons in a fox attack back in 2013. I've almost lost her several times since then, but she has hung on, and is a healthy, happy bird at nearly 8.



At nearly 8 years old, Buttons is my oldest d'Uccle, and oldest Chicken overall. She and Speckles are direct desendants from my very first d'Uccle hen. She has always been a small, dainty bird, never much of a forager. She rarely ever leaves the coop, and I've recently discovered that her vision is not very good. Despite this, she is still as sweet and friendly as ever, and still has her spunky d'Uccle personality.



Jiles is my faithful flock protector. He is from purchased eggs, brother to Pumpkin and Pretzel. He is very flighty, and prefers to be out foraging with the hens.

Thanks for Checking out my little flock! :)
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