My Flock Of North Dakota Girls

By Lady Ressler · Oct 4, 2012 · ·
  1. Lady Ressler
    I wanted chickens for about 2 years before I actually purchased them this spring. My husband and I have been waiting to buy a farmsted for almost 9 years. Due to no one wanting to sell, land prices, wrongs set up, etc., we have been unable to live the real farm life. So, I got the idea that if I could just have a few small animals on our small rental farmsted, that would create a little farm taste, while we waited some more.

    I started with a pair of Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, and what I thought were Black Australorps(but turned out to be Silver Laced Wyandottes). Later I purchased a pair of Silver Laced Wyandottes(because I didn't know I already had 2), and 1 Black Star. When the birds were starting to jump out of the livestock watering tank, my husband and I decided it was time to put the chicken coop and run on the top of the priority list. As a family, we built a family coop and a run out of scrap chicken wire and old fencing posts. After that, a friend of mine had a Buff Orpington cross go broody and hatched 13 chicks of which I took 6. So my flock size was now upto 15 chickens.

    [​IMG]I can never tell the difference between my beautiful BR pair.
    [​IMG]Gloria my follower. If I am in the fun, she is at my feet.

    This is supposedly, one of my Black Australorps. Looks like a SLW to me. Anyone else?

    The flock was comfortable and happy as I learned how to balance the amount of water and feed for the flock size I had. I started an evening habit of sitting and watching my flock at the end of my day. A habit which my mother adopted when shevisited from the city. She fell in love just as much as I did and evetually expressed interest in buying some silkies. So naturally, I got her some.

    [​IMG]This is my Mom's Silkie roo.

    I also added, some ancona ducks, guinea hens, and for a short time, quail.

    With the addition of the chickens, my 3 and 4 year old boys both entered birds of their choosing at the county fair. An event that was supposed to be just for fun and a little experience, turned into both boys winning Grand Champion in their class. They are so extatic for next year and have even requested we purchase some bantam cochins to show next year. So naturally, I did.

    This is my 3 year old with the bantam cochin we have purchased for him to show next year.

    I have thoughroughly enjoyed m first year with my flock and look forward to many more years. I am just trying to figure out what I am going to do with all the eggs.

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  1. Sebrightsrock
    Looks like an SLW except for the comb. Wyandottes have a rose comb not a single comb.
  2. Y N dottes
    the chicken in question is definitley not an australorp...those are all black
  3. clucky3255
    she does look like an SLW to me..
  4. lesliedow
    What great chickens and a lovely family.
  5. cortner1195
    Looks like my SLW's. What great pics, and the best family project. Congrats! I totally agree. I love to sit in the evening and watch my girls at their little hen games.
  6. PekinBantam
    Haha, love the expression on the Bantam Cochin's face!
  7. Twisted-Rooster
    Nice post!!! Sooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!
  8. blondiebee181
    Very nice story! Yup , you def have SLWs...I have one too :)
  9. cosmic-chick
    And yes, I had a chicken JUST like your Silver laced wyandotte and that's what I purchased.
  10. cosmic-chick
    love your pics:) reminds me of all of my first chickens except for the silkie and the feathery leg one.
  11. lcatty
    Thanks for posting! Gloria is so lovely. Have fun! : )
  12. AZChickenQueen
    Lovely! Glad you get to enjoy your chicks now and didn't have to wait. I would suggest that you take up baking to deal with all of the eggs! Since we got our flock, Hubby (who loves to cook) bakes all of our own bread, muffins etc. from scratch - which also saves us a ton on groceries. He tends to pick a morning and just go for it, making several batches of different yummy things at once and then freezing the extra...yum!
  13. Peepsicle
    OH!! SO CUTE!!
  14. Whittni
    :) I liked this very much. Thanks for posting!
  15. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.
  16. LoveChickens123

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