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By WitchesFullMoon · Jul 20, 2017 · Updated Dec 17, 2017 ·
  1. WitchesFullMoon
    At this moment I have a French Black Copper Marans rooster named Thor. A Rhode Island Red hen named Lil' Red Rose. A Light Brahma hen named Mama. And now a FBCM/RIR mix chick that hatched 7/18/17 that is female and named Freyja (Fray - Yah). Who recently died on 7/22/17. One that hatched 7/20/17 named Delilah who is also a FBCM/RIR mix. One that is named Magni who hatched 7/23/17 who also is a FBCM/RIR mix. One that is named Jezzabelle hatched 7/24/17 also a FBCM/RIR mix. Freyja was named after the Norse Goddess of love, fertility and battle. Magni was named after the Norse God of strength and the son of Thor. Jezzabelle from day one had a lot of health issues from being to weak to finish breaking out of her shell to getting her ear ripped open to her neck getting ripped open to getting wry neck. With Jezzabelle having wry neck I brought her into my house to nurse her back to health using a lot of vitamin E capsules and vitamin and mineral water along with chick starter feed for a few months she aback healthy enough to go back outside with the flock. Mama and Lil' Red Rose attacked Jezzabelle so she came back into the house again. During this time on 10/7/17 I acquired 2 new White Leghorn hens in which I named Thelma and Louise. Within a few days Jezzabelle was doing better again so I created 2 separate coops so they didn't fight anymore. In the smaller coop I put Thor, Mama and Lil' Red Rose. And in my original coop I had Delilah, Magni, Jezzabelle, Thelma and Louise. On 12/6/17 Jezzabelle passed away in her sleep. On that same day i acquired 6 new chickens that were all suppose to be hens, 3 Black Australorps and 3 Rhode Island Reds. I just found out that there is actually 1 Rhode Island Red hen and 2 Rhode Island Red roosters, 2 Black Australorps hens and 1 Black Australorp rooster. My Black Australorp rooster is named Kovu. My Black Australorp hens are named Esmeralda and Duchess. My Rhode Island Red Roosters are named Kenai and Naveen. My Rhode Island Red hen is Tamina.

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