My Friends May Think I Am Crazy

By Yashar · Mar 12, 2012 · Updated Mar 18, 2012 · ·
  1. Yashar
    Well, I think I'll just say for the time being, that I use pretty much all my "spare time" taking care of the flock. You can try to explain to folks how fun it is just watching them. Or try to convince others of the reward you receive from meeting their needs. And even that it's not too bad cleaning up after them. But i think most of my friends may think I'm crazy. Not overly wacky, but just a little nutty. That's OK with me.

    Here are some nice pictures I took today. They are of my favorite Kedu Bali rooster.

    This picture is from a few years ago. The brooding hen is a Buff Orpington we received as a gift from a woman who was visiting us for a few weeks.
    She sent us a box of 25 chicks from McMurray.
    I don't remember what the chicks under her were. It's been a few years....But I remember clearly how she paraded them around the yard. And the children absolutely loved them (and me too).

    These are Huastecs. They are an ancient black-boned fowl from southern Mexico and Ecuador.
    Some of these rooster are more than 7 years old. Same with the hens.
    This group runs together as a brace. All the rooster here get along very well together.

    These are two of my favorite rooster. They are Sweet Potato Quechuas. This is an antique South American relative of the North American Ameraucana. These birds have Marquesas Island Junglefowl (Gallus temmincki Gould) ancestry as well as old Peruvian Indian village hen genetics.

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  1. TroisPoulesFrançaises
    Your pictures are wonderful! The chickens look so happy. The "Sweet Potato Quechuas" roosters' plumage is very striking, like a flame almost. Very nice birds.
    1. Yashar
      Ahh, those were the days... not so much going on for now.
  2. texasgurl
    All of your babies are simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing! And yes, all my friends think I'm nutty too! : )

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