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By Flock Master64 · Dec 22, 2016 · Updated Dec 31, 2016 · ·
  1. Flock Master64

    Mackenzie and I have been friends just about as long as I've been on BYC. We met on a role play thread and became good friends very quickly, probably because of how much we have in common. It's always fun talking with Mackenzie about all the weird stuff we do and other things like our flocks and Christianity and other things I can't remember now. I consider her my closet friend on BYC. =^.^= meow :hugs


    Jenna was one of the first people I met on BYC. We met on her thread about coop expansions. She's a really good frienand I'm always glad to help her out when she needs me. I wish we could talk more with each other but is a lot of fun when we do. :hugs


    Zelda and I first met on my Luscious Locks Chat Thread. I enjoy talking to her about God, Jesus, the Bible, and Star Wars. :)

    Taming Master

    Shannon and I first met on Mountain Peeps chat thread. Shannon is one of the nicest people I know. She does amazing drawings for me and this is the best way I could think of to pay her back. Shannon and I have some common interests like pokémon, anime, them Dino's and other things. Thanks Shan

    Luke Meister

    I first met Lucas on his Star Trek Vs. Star Wars thread where we fought over wich was better multiple times. Eventually I got to know him better and we've become good friends.


    Savannah and I met on Mountain Peeps chat thread I think. Like most of my friends we're both Christian and homeschooled and have chickens. I enjoy talking with her on various chat threads.

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