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  1. anastasiamarie
    I have only started into chickens within the last year, but used this forum and MPC to learn what I needed when I unexpectedly ended up with 5 chickens who made their way back home. When I moved into my house I soon realized that the chickens who lived here found their way back, so I started feeding them and ultimately decided to keep them, then became interested in keeping more. I am now at 23 with 7 more coming in September.
    I have 3 cats: Isabelle, a 16 year old rag doll, Cleopatra, a 9 year old long haired rescue, and Shere Khan, a 6 year old Bengal/Tabby mix, also a rescue. I also have 2 dogs, Toby a rottie/Aussie mix and Keira, a Blue Heeler/German Sheppard mix, both rescues, I'm obviously a rescue haven for animals, so when 5 helpless chickens wandered back I researched and rescued. Unfortunately a neighbor dog ate the brown and white leghorns but the Silver Phoenix, Red Sex Link and Amber Star survived and I added my flock of 12 and ended up with hatching eggs of which 4 hatched 2 RIR roos had to be rehomed and the Blue Orp and Black Ameraucana were added to the flock, more recently I ordered 10 chicks, only 3 of which survived getting lost in the mail and having their box thrashed along the way after which I promptly ran to the local feed store and added 3 EE's to provide a better transition when adding them to the flock, MPC is fulfilling the lost chicks later this year when available so my total count will be 30! I also have an exotic short hair on my list of animals to add to my lively household.
    My 2 female cats are indoor and my mighty hunter goes between house and loft and my chickens have access to 2 pastures and of course the dogs have 2 pastures of their own, so far everyone seems to do well and all have adjusted to their new lives with ease.

    My babies:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]


    I've had my cats the longest, obviously I've had Belle more than 1/2 of my life, Cleo, I rescued right after I got married 9 years ago and Shere Khan has had a home with me for 3 years now, Toby and Keira have been here almost a year as have the flock, I also randomly have neighbors mules and horses when they will be away. I'm actually a city girl who married a very, very country guy and ended up finally moving into the country just last year, which thrills him to no end, I won't lie my neighbors might think I'm a little crazy. I take Belle and Cleo for walks using small harnesses and leashes and i clean my coop by vacuuming the walls and ceiling monthly, I seem to be the only person I know who drags the Shop Vac out to the coop but hey, I have less dust, spiders, and cobwebs than anyone I know! Currently my chickens are housed in an 8x13 coop but in light of unexpected additions I am adding on this summer and naturally I love to decorate and have been collecting vintage farm things for the coop. I am always open to suggestions when it comes to my pets care and can't wait to see what I learn, especially about chickens as I'm newer to keeping them.

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