My Geese and Goslings

By NathanZee · Jun 13, 2016 · ·
  1. NathanZee
    Last June I and my brother ordered a pair of African geese, James and Elizabeth, along with 12 ducks. They are a joy to raise, and now its amazing to see them raise their own goslings. On the day they turned 11 months, Elizabeth hatched her five goslings.

    She made her nest in the corner of the barn, lining it with wood chips and feathers.

    Elizabeth was a very faithful broody, but she certainly enjoyed coming off the nest every day and going to the swamp. In this video you can see she has some energy to use during her limited time off the nest!

    And after 28 days of sitting...


    Their first time outside, learning to walk!

    When they hatched the goslings, we decided they needed a separate spot away from the ducks. They now have a coop with a large fenced run we can move around for fresh grazing.
    They are now a month old, and feathers are coming in!

    James and Elizabeth are excellent parents, always watching for danger and guiding their goslings to the best places to eat.




    Even when everyone else is tired out, James keeps watch for hawks, coons, or anything that threatens the family.

    Elizabeth showing her beautiful wings!


    Thank you for reading and seeing the geese!

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  1. NathanZee
    They are very attached to their home, its where they grew up so I don't think they want to leave. Your welcome!
  2. CyndiD
    Hi NathanZee... i love the video... my Q is how do you get your geese to keep coming home? why dont they just leave and not come back? this intrigues me.
    your geese are a beautiful pair. we have tons of Canadian Geese come back to our ponds and the neighbors ponds. i love seeing and hearing them fly around; we also have mallards in the area that come back every year.
    thanks agaiin.
  3. mymilliefleur
    very nice looking geese! they look very clean and healthy.
  4. duluthralphie
    Congrats on the article. But it is still about waterfowl!!! ROFL
  5. DancingWthDucks
    Wow! They are beautiful. I now want geese.
  6. NathanZee
    Thank you everyone! I'm glad it encouraged ChickenChaser to get geese!
  7. Ballerina Bird
    Oh, these pictures are so wonderful!! Love the film, too.
  8. CherriesBrood
    Congrats zee! I'm glad to see that they are doing another picture of the week category, you definitely have great pictures and the goslings are sooo cute!
  9. ChickenChaser9
    What a beautiful post! I am so eager to get some African's myself and this post has given me much encouragement to do so. <3
  10. Miss Lydia
    Beautiful pics NathanZ love the story too. Congrats on being #1 in the "Other Poultry types" Pic of the week.

    Congrats on the beautiful goslings too.
  11. Alexandra33
    Congratulations, NZ!!!!!!!! I love seeing stunning James and Elizabeth and those fuzzy babies when I log on. Really puts a smile on my face! :D
  12. Wyorp Rock
    Thanks for sharing.
  13. chicken4prez
    Congrats of POW! What beautiful geese!
  14. BantyChooks
    Congratulations on getting the first other poultry POW!!
  15. sumi
  16. NathanZee
    Haha, thank you anyway!
  17. TBirdsTheWord33
    Pathogenic, that is!
  18. TBirdsTheWord33
    We would gladly take a couple of your precious babies if we didn't live so FAR away...I say "we" because Alex is even MORE lacking in self-control than I am. She suffers from an acute, highly pathogen strain of BURD math. :) Best wishes on finding them loving homes.
  19. NathanZee
    Well, we don't have room to keep all the goslings so you could get some! Your welcome!
  20. TBirdsTheWord33
    Okay, we need some GEESE (like a hole in the head)...RIGHT, Alex??? So much for the infamous "chicken math": now my family's got "BURD math"! :-0 Really, though, your lovely geese are healthy looking and very attractively marked. Thank you for sharing!
  21. NathanZee
    Wow, thank you both!
  22. Alexandra33
    What Banti said. :p Oh, and that reminds me.....I WANTS TO SMOOSH THOSE SOFT-WEBZED GOOSES WIF WIDDLE KNOBBIES ON THEIR SMOOTH BILLZES. PARENT GOOSES WITH BABY FUZZIES. SO CUTE MUST HUG. But in all seriousness, FABULOUS pictures! :D They really made me smile.
  23. BantyChooks
    EEEEEEEEeeeeee!! So cute, and they have WEBS! I love these precious Burds.

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