We got our chicks 5-21st from Maple Valley Farms in Kent, CT.
4 of them had been hatched about 5-18th, the Easter Egger was hatched 5-11th
They came home in a cardboard box, and were named before we even got home!
We started with naming the Easter Egger-Cadbury seemed to be a good name. Then the white chick, a light brahma, became Marshmallow. Of course, then we had a theme... and the others are Peppermint Patty (barred rock), Toffee (partridge rock) and Oreo (silver laced wyandotte).
Here they are those first few days:
They lived in a 10 gallon aquarium at first, with a heat lamp for warmth and on pine shavings (with paper towels underneath for easier cleanup.
When they started getting crowded in there, we switched them into a large plastic dog crate, with the heat lamp shining in through the door, and newspapers underneath the pine shavings.
About this time we noticed that Toffee, the partridge rock, didn't seem to be growing much-the others were at least 3X her size! When I read that roos often grow slower-and get their feathers later-I started to worry that Toffee would be roo that we'd have to rehome, but as of 9 weeks of age, while Toffee is still smaller than everybody else, there's no definitive signs of being a roo (and hopefully will be none!)
Their coop is on my first page-they went out there part time at about 6 weeks old, and full time maybe a week later, once it was warm enough at night for them.
They'e only free-ranged a little bit so far-here are those pics:
Peppermint Patty-barred rock-she is definetely the Head Chicken:
Cadbury-easter egger-one week older than the rest but no braver for that:
Oreo-Silver Laced Wyandotte-fairly mild mannered (on the left, being camera shy):
Marshmallow, the Light Brahma-and a stereotypical blonde. She actually tried to get into the coop by climbing the wire range sides, instead of using the ramp right next to her:
And Toffee, the partridge rock-who's still smaller and less-feathered than the rest, and the shyest: