This was and still is my favorite hen because of her comb. We thought she was a roo untill she started laying eggs and she was our best layer!! I would recommend California Whites like her to anyone getting chickens!

^ this is our Cali. White Rooster. he does not have a name yet but will hopefully have one soon!^
^ This is our BR named Rocky. She recently pasted away :( She was one of our Favorites and she will be greatly missed.^

^ This is Buffy. Also one of our favorites. Who also recently passed away. She was a good hen.

^ This is our Red star. She is very nice and we call her different things. She is a good layer.

^ This is Murry, our Americana. She is a good girl! ^

^ This is Ellie May. our RIR. She also recently pasted away. She was a very good girl. ^

^ This is our Wellsummer named Well. She is a good layer but not very friendly. ^

^ This is Missy, Our Speckled Sussex. She is also not very friendly but lays a good amount of eggs.

The BR on the left is Rocky. The BO next to her is Buffy. The RIR next to her that you can barely see is Ellie May the first. The one next to her that you can see well is Ellie May the second (she was named that after Ellie May the first died). The California White next to her is Callie. The RIR that is on the right of the pic is Sweetheart. The BR next to her that you can barely see is Insane.
All the hens in this pic are dead from predators except for Sweetheart and Insane.
They were and still are some of my best girls I have ever had.


This is Broody. She went Broody alot. She was a very good girl. She is also deceased.

I will try to post more pics soon of my other girls!