My Greenhouse Coop

By DebFitz · Dec 18, 2014 · Updated Dec 18, 2014 · ·
  1. DebFitz
    The original greenhouse built in 2012 from a Sunglo kit.

    We sectioned off the back 5 feet of the greenhouse and added a sliding door to the garden outside.


    The greenhouse bench serves for storage and a place to grow fodder.


    The roost and poop hammock.


    Enjoying a break from foraging.

    View from the front door.

    The view from an upstairs window ... I can see my flock is in out of the rain :) The raised beds have hinged covers that can be closed to keep the chickens out when I have crops growing or opened to let them forage at will. They have free range of the entire garden area.

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  1. Nardo
    "Greenhouse turned coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Apr 10, 2019
    Great idea. I have combined space for the coop and greenhouse but here in the Southern US it's way too hot for the hens in the summer and my plants are in there in the Winter so their access is limited to between times. But I can cool and heat both at the same time and that is helpful.


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  1. annabelle12
    So great! Thanks for sharing this. Inspiration for my 2015 winter plans.
  2. jim c
    Yes Feather, I use the greenhouse in the fall,winter and early spring for the chickens before I start growing seeds for the garden.
  3. celticgarden
    Lovely! Where did your Delawares come from? Wondering if it was Whitmore farm.
  4. featherweightmn
  5. featherweightmn
  6. Free Feather
    Are you doing this for just the winter?
  7. jim c
    It is nice to see someone use a green house for more that its intended use. I have a section that is 4x12 of my green house to let my hens have a place to roam out of the winter weather. They seem to spend more time in it than in the outside run. It also provided me with a place to put their water and food with easy access in the winter and forces them to get out of the coop during the day.
  8. twisted-acres-farm
    what type of hens do you have?? Way cool set up by the way.
  9. teneyck farms
    i love this idea.
  10. Free Feather
    Cool, cool! This is something like what I plan on doing this winter.

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