my guinea/chicken farm!!!

By chickadee101 · Mar 28, 2013 · Updated Mar 28, 2013 ·
  1. chickadee101
    THANK YOU FOR READING ABOUT MY COOP! [​IMG] i have 27 chickens so far: my first three, gardenia, clementine, and whiskers are all mixed except whiskers who is an auraucana. then i got my mixed part bantum rooster, toby, who eventually ruled my three hens! [​IMG] then one day i got a TON of chickens at someones house, so here they are: my blue maran hen clarabelle, my two americaunas elliot and muffintop, my mixed roo heath, my five RIRs scarlet, mabel, rosy, audrey, and, um, you understand they're RIRs! [​IMG] finally, my two french black copper maran twins dr.chicken and henny penny. my other chickens are all chicks, so i have five cornish rocks digger, korn, and, well i still have to come up with names! [​IMG] then my final two left are two week old biddies: a black sex link named black sheep because she gets picked on by the others, [​IMG]and last but not least the sweet buff orpington chick butternut! now, i also have a male and female pearl guinea. the girl is ms. daisy, and the boy is mr. finn! they love all my chickens and EAT EVERYTHING! [​IMG] so, that's my coop, i also have two broody hens that in 20 days will be raising some chicks TOGETHER. i plan to expand my coop with more guineas and chickens! thank you for reading this!


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