My hen has a flu e.coli, unsure what to do?

By Shan98 · Aug 22, 2019 · ·
  1. Shan98
    Hi, I decided to take my hen who's 6 months old to the vet today because she had gotten worse, this morning she had a high temperature of 42 degrees celsius, was dizzy and falling over, seemed disoriented and had diarrhea, she's been active, drinking plenty of water but not eating as much as she usually does. I put her inside for the day to rest until the vet appointment in the noon, a few hours later she started looking better and walking and acting normal again, she just is hot! And keeping her wings off her body and panting every now and then and looks like shes shaking? Like shivering? For the past 2-3 weeks she's been sneezing a lot! And occasionally would get hot and try cool off and pant. her symptoms started to subside,for those weeks I've been giving her unfiltered apple cider vinegar with manuka honey, and she suddenly got worse today. The vet I saw was quite a young lad, seemed like he's now licensed to practice without supervision and didn't seem too confident and was rather nervous. He seemed a bit clueless.He told me that my hen could have led poisoning which is not possible as I don't have any metal objects or paint or anything that can harm my chickens in the yard and asked me if i wanted to get a blood test done which i told him its impossible and then he comes to the conclusion that she has e.coli , he then tells me it's either lead poisoning or e.coli and I ask him well if you really think there's somehow of a possibility of lead poisoning I should get a blood test then?? He then told me he doesn't know, it's up to me! And i was like what?? You're suppose to be the expert here what do u reccomend? At that point he left the room to check my hens poop under the microscope and i think consulted with the veterinarian with years of experience and he comes back in and tells me he doesn't reccomend getting a blood test and tells me that my chickens poop was perfectly fine and had no worms and then contradicted everything he said by telling me maybe she might be feeling off because she has worms or something even though there weren't worms in her poop. So he wormed her and then decided he thinks she definitely has e.coli a flu and that it's not fatal and just sent me home and told me to monitor my hen and if she gets worse to bring her back in...

    Sooo I'm kinda worried, I feel like this young man was very unprofessional and was a bit lost. I'm not sure if maybe my hen needed antibiotics?? I was wondering if anyone out there who's dealt with sick chickens could please give me some advice???? Thank you!!

    **edit** The vet also said he could feel that she had an egg forming inside of her. He told me if she doesn't lay that egg soon to bring her back. I forgot to ask him about that. She is 6 months today (22nd Aug), is she egg bound? Should she already of layed that egg or when should I go back to the vet if I noticed she hasn't layed?
    Sorry this is my first time owning chickens...

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