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By HappyHazel · Aug 17, 2012 · ·
  1. HappyHazel

    Our Chickens
    Our chickens came to us through a friend in 2010. Her small flock was becoming smaller and smaller thanks to foxes and hawks, so we agreed to raise some chicks for her. But, of course after raising the tiny fluff balls we couldn't give them back. Luckly, she let us keep them and our love for keeping chickens began!

    Sunny is our Buff Orpington and top of the pecking order. A sweety pie but a little lasy. She is the bigest of our flock and she doesn't lay eggs very often because she always seems to be in a molt. She has a little bit of frostbite on her comb but with a bit of bagbalm we get through every year.

    Julie is our Silver-Laced Wyandotte. She lays eggs almost every day and is 2nd on the pecking order. She is VERY talkative but in a cute way. She is usually the one to let us know if something is wrong. She has been attached by a hawk but didn't get any wounds.


    Hazel is a red star. She is 3rd on the pecking order and very curious. She is an amazing layer and loves to dig up plants in our garden. She has been a victom of two hawk attacks but all they did was pull out some feathers.
    Ceci is a Silver Speckled Hamburg. She is tiny compaired to the others but is not a bantom. She is shy and skittish but an amazing layer. She is the only one in our flock to lay white eggs. But also she loves to hide her eggs around our yard and under our deck. She is last on the pecking order.[​IMG]

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  1. HappyHazel
    Thank you guys for all the nice comments!
  2. cubbycopter47
    Beautiful birds love em
  3. LoveChickens123
  4. Momoftwo04
    You have some good looking Chickens! Congrats on POW!
  5. Dotshines
    they are so beautiful. I just love chickens.
  6. clucky3255
    pretty birds!
  7. missypebble
    Please keep them safe! They all look beautiful!!!
  8. grmitchell
    Mezzo soprano? I want one of those!
  9. blondiebee181
    Lovely girls! I have a SLW, amazingly she is the quietest contrary to what I hear from most people about Wyandottes...she coos in a soft-spoken contented sort of way most of the time, unless the others get her involved in the egg song....then she becomes the mezzo soprano in the horned helmet begoking away...
  10. Sunnysimplelife
    Beautiful girls. Love the variety.
  11. rosebuds
    my chicks are 18 weeks old.waiting for an egg.i hope they lay in nesting box and not in the yard somewhere.
  12. Chickie-chan
  13. Peepsicle
    I have a Buffy named Sunny too!!!!!!!!!!!!! She just healed from a severe leg injury.
  14. kellysmall87
    beautiful hens!
  15. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.
  16. HappyHazel
  17. texasgurl
    Love your girls!

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