My "I Had No Plans" Chicken Coop Build!

By Siggie · May 30, 2016 · ·
  1. Siggie
    I am new to chicken keeping but I knew what I needed and then tried to incorporate what I "wanted" ! I decided to attach it to our two stall horse barn so they can free range in the pasture when I'm home. Protection from predators was very important so I have tried to make sure every inch has double coverage of some sort . I extended the hardware cloth approx. 1 ft beyond the run and then covered it with large rocks, dirt and then logs from some felled trees. The vents leading to the outside have hardware cloth on the inside wall as well as the outside wall. I have venting above the door, on the door, on the back wall and the eves are all vents, not to mention the window. We were able to panel both the outside and the inside with left over ship lap and tongue and groove from when our cabin was built. The coop is 9' x 8' and the run is 10' x 13' with a smaller "side yard" that is 8' x 4' which I plan to gate off and plant mint and other chicken edible plants. I am pretty proud of myself, this is my very first try at building something all on my own!

    This first pic shows where I will put the nest boxes when they are done (right wall)

    48" roost bars and then the top one is 8'

    view from pasture

    I felt my chickens needed a view so I positioned the roosting bars so they could look out the window

    Their front door

    another outside view
    run entrance

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  1. mrs_organized_chaos
    "Very Nice for No Plans"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 17, 2018
    The coop came out very nice. I would love to see more in progress pictures.


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  1. Fawn Hills Sanctuary
    thanks for sharing your story! i'm about to turn a corner of our barn into a coop with an attached run and i'm trying to figure out interior walls. i'm thinking solid walls will help keep them cozy in winter but i'm also thinking hardware cloth will give more ventilation and be cheaper/easier to build. did you give any consideration to what kind of walls to build? or did you even need to build walls?
  2. Siggie
    Thanks everyone! The chicks are in and they LOVE it!
  3. Bogtown Chick
    I just love your woman ingenuity on this one. You knew what you wanted. Kept at it. Fine job. Fine job. <3 it!
  4. Whittni
  5. duluthralphie
    Nice, But what will it look like with the 14 feet of lake effect snow on it?


    Seriously nice job..
  6. Siggie
    Thanks! I will add some more pics when I get the nesting boxes done and the chickens moved in!
  7. penny1960
    Very nicely done, love their door

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