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My Incubator 5

By storminstaffs · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. storminstaffs
    I have a covatutto 6 egg incubator, not the best but it'll have to do as my parents were very strict in that I don't spend more them £50 on a incubator
    25th August 2010 - I'm setting up my incubator and trying to get the settings right at the moment the temp is okay but the humidity is a little high, i've got till friday to sort that out though.

    I'm going to set my eggs on the 27th august, so hopefully i'll have the current humidity by then.


    Well nothing came of this incubation and I will be buying a better incubator and trying again early next year hopefully.
    Got a Brinsea 20 Octogen Advance incubator with humidity pump in feb 2011, on on 2nd batch of eggs now, first were 12 Buff orpington bantam eggs and only 8 were fertile and 7 hatched out on the 8th March
    First chick hatching
    all fluffed up

    This is what the buffs look like now 28th march 2011

    My current batch - hatch day 1st april 12 cuckoo maran, 9 look good and 12 silver duckwing leghorns, 11 look good
    Chicks from the 1st april hatch - 11 leghorns, (6 silver duckwing cockerels, 2 silver duckwing hens, 2 brown hens, 1 silver) and 8 cuckoo marans 3 roo's, 5 hens

    April 24th - Easter sunday hatch, 3 cream legbars and 8 salmon faverolles
    19th May - 4 black, red (partridge) araucana's

    My next and final hatch this year is Chocolate Orpington's I bought 6 eggs of ebay and 2 are in lockdown, should hopefully hatch on Saturday, I've got a place I can buy more chicks from if I only get one hatching also, just incase

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