My Kids Feathered Friends

By hdowden · May 12, 2012 · ·
  1. hdowden
    it started with 2 but then grew to 16 little bantams that have just started to give us eggs and the kids are so happy :D

    the man blue boy who thinks he's everything lol he's about 1 year and 3 months old, and he's my pain in the butt.

    next up is domino he's my 1 year old oegb. he loves his 2 girls (possibly 3 if my chick i have with him turns out to be a pullet) and is a sweet heart


    next is oatmeal a silkie/d'uccle mix. he was sent to me with his 2 girls. he has yet to learn his place with me and tries to flog me every now and again he's around 6-7 months old.


    ok so here are the girls: crystal the porcelain d'uccle, then i have 2 no named pullets "d'uccles", and 2 silkie/d'uccle pullets cinnimen and mint


    last but not least my sweet little babies a polish, 2 cochins, 1 brahma, 1 oegb, 4 d'uccle


    you can see more pics under my profile and even more if you follow the link to my facebook (you should be able to see my public pics of the chickens if not please pm me and let me know thank you)

    our little feathered farm is slowly growing to include ducks as well with 2 mallards and 2 cayuga and 4 soon to be getting moscovy

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  1. willowbranchfarm
    <3 Love your chickens and there breeds. Great pic's.
  2. SouthernChicka8
    Your chicks are cute :)

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