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  1. Lothiriel
    Pictures of my "kids" (as I call them)! [​IMG]

    Chickens first...

    Penelope -- EE

    Violet -- Barred Rock

    Olive -- Partridge Rock

    Meggie -- Partridge Rock

    Ivy -- Partridge Rock

    Kiwi -- Partridge Rock

    Hilda -- Black Australorp

    Sweet Pea -- Black Australorp

    Opal -- Black Australorp

    Now the guineas!

    Helen -- Buff Dundotte hen

    Gretel -- Chocolate hen

    Cricket -- Lavender hen

    Buttons -- White hen

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  1. Lothiriel
  2. Daloorashens
    Pretty chickens!! Love seeing pics!!
  3. willowbranchfarm
    Beautiful chickens <3
  4. mdguffey
    what a wonderful family you have!
  5. judyki2004
    They are lovely! I would like to have a mixed color/breed little flock!
  6. Lothiriel
    Ah yes... Nutty's a sweetheart. :)
  7. 3GChicks
    Lol, isn't that they way it always is. I knew I should have picked the one right underneath her..:)
  8. Lothiriel
    Thank you all for the comments! =)
    Guinea and Chicken raiser... Mine actually haven't learned that... They come for "Heeeere chicky chicky chickyyyy!" but not their own names. It's really cool that yours do though!
    3GChicks... Wouldn't you know that Pansy is the least friendly? lol
  9. 3GChicks
    Your chickens are beautiful! Not to pick favorites, but I think Pansy is my favorite.
  10. Guinea and Chicken raiser
    I call all my chickens my babies too. ;) I like Duchess the bird, Henny the hen, Raindrop the barred rock gal, and Echo the EE. You did a gr8 job naming them. Ain't it cool that like chickens can come to their exact name being called? Dont u notice that? mine do.
  11. NorthTexaschick
    Love their names :D
  12. Jobele
    what beautiful chickens!
  13. bucky52
    what a beautiful flock of hens.
  14. chicmom
    Very nice and I love the names you picked! Congrats on being the POW!
  15. Kinney's Urban Ranch
  16. Knock Kneed Hen
    Those are some pretty EE's!! Nice meeting the ladies
  17. bj taylor
    beautiful ladies you have. i'm eagerly awaiting my first ever in the mail soon. i'm looking forward to seeing my pretty ladies happily living in their new digs.
  18. Nifty-Chicken
    Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! A quick note to say "Congrats!" since we've chosen one of your pics for the POW. More info here: BYC POW

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