My Lavender Cochins~

By CherriesBrood · Jul 19, 2015 · Updated Jul 21, 2015 · ·
  1. CherriesBrood
    I want to tell you about my beautiful, sweet, and soft lavender Cochins.

    I got them at my local feed store, I had originally planned on ordering some Easter Eggers, but the ones I wanted I could not get, so of course I couldn't go home empty handed. I then saw that they had some lavender Cochin chicks, and they were the cutest and most softest babes I think I've ever seen or held!

    Our two Cochin chicks a couple days after we got them.


    We decided to give them names, we call the lighter one Lulu and the darker one Lila. Lulu turned out to be a boy (like we hoped so that we can breed them and have more pure breed Cochins) so we named renamed him Lucas.

    I think they are the sweetest babes we've ever had! They are the only ones that will come up to me instead of running away from me. And they are the softest babes we've ever had too, especially as babies!
    Right now they are about 4 months I think. Here's some pictures of them now.



    Lila and Lucas chilling together~

    I love our little Cochins so much! Who knows I might start breeding them and start a whole flock, or I might enter them into our fair this year, but no matter what I decide to do, or if I don't do any of those things, they'll always be my favs.

    Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. Chickamamma
    Such a sweet article...those Cochins are precious!!
  2. Barredrock360
    There cute iv'e never seen that breed of chickens before. They must be good flyers to get up there my fat Rhode island reds couldn't get up there.

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