my life of chicken raising

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  1. theblackwolf122
    i'm a small town boy and I live with my grandma so here's how it all started. I told my grandma I want to go to four H, then she said "okay but if you go you have to make it a commitment." then thinking that I could do It I said "I can do it!" so we went to my first four H meeting and they were talking about chickens soon after that I wanted some of those interesting creatures. we went to the local bomgaards and we found some baby chicks is aid "grandma I found them!" she said "well then pick some out." "I want this one and that one oh and that one over there!" I said. so then we got some help and the people stuck the poor chickens in a small box. not long after that we got home but we weren't prepared for the chickens so early so we weren't so sure what to put them in. not knowing what to put the baby chicks in we improvised. we had some storage bins in our garage and we put food water and pine chips in it. we knew a nice man who helps us in all our building needs so we thought that once the chickens grew up we had to put them outside. in that time we built a run so that the chickens could play. not long after that we had to build a hen house because it was starting to get cold and we got more chickens. I wanted even more chickens so we bought some more and little did we know that we got four roosters. Hoping they wouldn't fight one another we put them into the coop. With the pecking order I was super worried about my baby's I always used to pull the other chickens away so they couldn't peck I didn't like the fact of putting all the little ones out in the big coop after that.

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  1. theblackwolf122
    Thank you but it's still in the making
  2. Mountain Peeps
    Excellent story!

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