Hi My name is Shelli I live in Okla, in between Barnsdall and Avant I have 20 chickens 3 horses 6 dogs and numerous Longhorns and everyone has a name acourding to my kids,

I love all my animals dearly and cant even imagine having to eat any of them, sounds weird i know having a farm and not using the animals to feed your family, i guess i figure
someday i may have too eat my cows or my chickens but until it comes to that then i cant.
I like helping people so i became a firefighter in my spare time,
I have a fiancee, and am not in a rush to be married, being a widow for the last 4 yrs, after a 26 yr.marriage just waiting for God to give me the go ahead i guess.
I have one son who is grown and married and expecting my 1st grandchild,

I have a 13 yr, old daughter who knows everything about everything (she thinks) lol
and last but not least i have a son who is 12 and doesnt want to be moms baby anymore :(
I have a very happy life a simple one and i enjoy being away from the big city life, I finally realized there is more to life than Tanning beds and nails being done perfectly,
Maybe that comes with age or just being too far away from the conveinences of city life, whatever it is i am glad to be away from it all,
Dont get me wrong it is a whole lot of work but worth it in the end, because my children have learned so much more to life out here,
anyway this is a little about me, God Bless You and Yours.