My little brats

By midge0413 · Jan 2, 2014 · ·
  1. midge0413
    I'm new to the chicken world but have always had an obsessions with animals. I finally talked my husband into letting me get some and my first batch was from my husbands best friend and they ended up not getting along well so I went and got my own. [​IMG]
    Those are my original chickens...

    These are my new babies... They are amazing. They follow me everywhere and love to sit in my lap and take naps with me and are truly amazing. I found a breeder close to my home and went and picked them up. They had been in a box with a light for the first 10 weeks of their life so they are a little off. They would rather be in their coop at times then outside but I try to make them stay out as much as possible.

    Black Betty



    And Patsy

    They are pretty much awesome


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  1. One Chick Two
    Your pullets are so cute! Patsy has big, beautiful eyes. You'll have to keep us updated as they grow. : )

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