My Little Chickies

By luckyduke · Apr 1, 2012 · ·
  1. luckyduke
    One BO, two Lorps, one EE, and one BR. They're all 6 weeks old and getting bigger by the minute. Their names are Annie, Hannah, Nikkie, Lily, and Sammy, respectively. They're just figuring out how to fly, and they have to make it super cute! Their main form of locomotion is flight, now. I'm sure the thrill will wear off, but I'm going to appreciate it while it lasts:) It's sad to see that cute, fluffy down go away, but I can finally see the plumage that they'll have as adults. I hope they're all hens, but the EE may be showing some signs otherwise. She's larger than the rest, and very aggressive. She has rich red-colored neck feathers, and may be developing spurs.... I love them all just the way they are, though! Can't wait to watch them all graow up:)

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  1. hurleygirlie05
    I don't see your picture. :eek:(

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