My Little Coop On Chicken Feet

By Kisska · Jun 24, 2012 · Updated Jun 24, 2012 · ·
  1. Kisska
    My little Chicken Feet coop was created by a guy in the next town to mine. I fell in love with his design and just had to have it for my 3 ladies. We live in the small city of Layton, Utah and are only allowed to have 6 hens and no rooster. :(Now that I have my chickens, I want to move to a better place with no regulations! :) After the coop was delivered, my kids and I were ready to paint! It was a lot of fun! Our 3rd chicken figured it out very quickly and was sleeping in the new coop the very first night! I still need to upgrade it a little and add a few cute farm touches. I am still a little puzzled about the winter and will figure things out as I go along with my new amazing hobby! In August, we are getting 3 brand new chicks and will raise them and add them to our existing ones.
    Our first 2 chickens were given to us by my father in law. They were the first ones who came to us out of his flock.
    My 2 and 14 year old named them Snow White and Ariel.

    They were so excited to roam freely in our yard!
    700.jpg 700.jpg
    Their first dust bath - they were beyond themselves from happiness! =)
    This is where they lived at first. Their new "city" condo was definitely smaller and different from a big old chicken coop with an enclosed run with a flock of 20 hens and a couple roosters. But still this was their new heaven!

    700.jpg 700.jpg
    After a week, my ladies had to share their pure bliss with one of their sisters from the old flock. They did not like that at all and even though things have calmed down, the two still act like the popular mean girls and occasionally bully the poor little sister. Her loss of feathers from the old coop did not help either, of course.

    700.jpg 700.png

    The arrival of the new coop!! We were very excited and could not wait for this day to happen! I requested a couple extra ideas to be built. One of them was for my coop to have chicken feet. This is from a fairy tale I grew up with in Russia called "Baba Yaga". She is a witch and lives in the woods in the little house with chicken feet which walks wherever she tells it to. =) (I think he did a great job!)

    700.png 700.jpg
    It fit perfectly next to the tree and is protected by a part of the house directly north of the coop!!

    700.jpg 700.jpg

    The kids were so excited to paint the coop!

    Still needs a few finishes of paint/stain!

    700.jpg 700.jpg

    I would love to have built it myself or have my hubby do it if he was a handy man but we had to have someone else do it for us! I am excited to add some touches of my own!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    They love hanging out under the porch and they lay beautiful eggs!!

    More will be coming in August as we will be raising new chicks!! :celebrate We are so excited!

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  1. willowbranchfarm
    That is so cute. And beautiful. If I build a chicken coop I want this one.
  2. blessedchick
    Your coop is ADORABLE! So clever...and so much fun to have it relate to a childhood memory. Enjoy your beautiful chickens! (and kids!)
  3. chicksbunsdog
    I love your coop!

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