My Little Farm!

  1. Banaynaychicken
    Runt of the Coop -

    Though this sweet heart mamma is the second oldest in the coop, she is the second smallest for my standard sized Hens. (If you dont include my baby EE and Speckled Sussex) Every day she lays an lovely sized light brown egg, and seems to love being pet. Her favorite scratchy place place is on the back of the head, and she nearly purrs for it. He name is Go-Pro. Its a long story [​IMG]


    Chicken Nugget -


    This handsome boy is Nugget. *whips off glasses* Chicken Nugget. He is my favorite chicken of all time, though he no longer resides in my coop. (He lives with a nice man who goes by the name of Patrick, and owns plenty of hens for Nugget) He was such a sweetheart, always hopping into my lap, and chirruping at me until I rubbed his wattles or pet him from head to tail feather. I miss the little dude, though i'm sure he loves his free range home in the desert.


    Chatter Box -

    This is Big Momma Bird! Or Pollito for short. This saucy wench rules the coop with an iron feather, and although she is my hardest worker to bring the biggest eggs she can to the egg box, she doesn't mind taking a day off. (And disappointing me once a week, might I add) She is the most perfect Barred Rock in the world, and loves Pomegranate seeds.


    Twin #1


    This cute little Barred rock is Finn (Though she is full grown now) A sassy lass with an eye for invasive pest things, she is my ideal bug killing machine. Well, ant, and lizard, and flies and spiders and she even got mouse once. Don't know how she managed to do it! (She didn't eat it of course, but she mutilated it pretty good.)


    Twin #2

    Quinn, the Twin sister to Finn, (I dont know if they are actually identical twins, or even related, but they look exactly the same despite some leg freckles) Now a full grown beautiful Barred Rock, she helps to maintain the pecking order right under the wing of Pollito.


    Broody Jerk -

    This is Reba, the broody jerk. And I do mean that in the most loving way possible. Reba is a beautiful gold laced Wyandotte, who has a knack for sitting on infertile eggs and annoying the crap out of me. (Iv'e had to isolate her from the rest of the coop 4 times) I love this bird, but I swear she is the reason for my grey hairs (Which at 17 is a big deal XD) She is practically the youngest, and has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a chicken. She hates my guts. I'll go to check for eggs under her, and she'll scream bloody murder at me, and puff up to the size of a good throw pillow, attempting to tear my finger from its socket. (A scratch behind the comb calms that right down into a content purring sound)


    Dirty Little Bird! -

    This little ball of fluff is my bantam non-bearded silkie, Yukon. Or should I say dirty que tip -_- I think she enjoys dust bathing more for the sake of making me beat my head against a wall in angst more than the prevention of bugs... But I do love her, and she is my favorite. (What am I saying? They are all my favorite!) She is the only bird in the coop with chocolate brown eyes, and her ability to just sit and be pet is amazing to anyone who meets her. "How the heck does that chicken not fly off or peck you?!" They ask in confusion and amazement at the white fluff ball purring contently in my lap. To this I usually reply in a whisper "She thinks shes a cat, and you had better start believing it yourselves if you want to hold her!"

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  1. BoomChickaPop
    Congrats on winning POW!
    I love all the names of your birds too

  2. Ballerina Bird
    Wonderful pictures and descriptions!
  3. TwoCrows
    You have a beautiful flock!! :)
  4. Mr Beaks
    Congrats on POW! Great pics, stories and personality!
  5. Banaynaychicken
    Thankyou so much everyone! I love to photograph my birds, and hopefully I will be updating soon with 2 new babies! Im glad you enjoy their personalities in writing, I only wish everyone could meet them in person! (Well, teenage hormonal feather dusters, but it's the same Idea XD) So who is everyone's favorite? Personally and as their momma, I can never say any are my favorite without a beady eyed look and no eggs for the day XD
  6. Wyorp Rock
    Love the story and photos!
  7. ashlieneevel
    Great Birds! Your commentary was funny.
  8. BantyChooks
    Beautiful pictures!
  9. N F C
    I totally enjoyed reading about your flock. Love your writing style and the photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us! And congrats on being the POW!
  10. sumi
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process

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