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By lizzychick · Aug 11, 2014 · Updated Aug 11, 2014 · ·
  1. lizzychick
    I'm new to the world of chickens and am absolutely loving being a crazy chicken lady!!! We started with four 1 year old laying hens that we "borrowed" from a friend who said we could keep them or return them "in a day, a week, a month, whenever" if it turns out raising chickens was not for us. WHOA, I was not prepared for the addiction that followed. A few weeks later a 1 year old bantam from the same farm joined our family. Just watching them scratch in the grass fills me with joy. Also watching how much my children love having them makes our "temporary" trial period seem ridiculous. Of course I'm not giving these ladies back, are you crazy, their my babies now! So my sweet hubs built me a coop and run, that I love and we kept them in there for about a month so they get used to their new home. AND they could get used to the my two doggies.

    My hubbies extremely thorough final draft of the coop plans.... no joke...

    the coop is coming together....

    What do you mean we have to get this OUT of the garage???

    All set up, don't ask how it got all the way to the back of the yard...crazy...

    Welcome home little ladies..... come out and explore....

    the craftsman and the foreman....... (the cutest foreman ever right??)....

    first time free-ranging in our yard after a month of confinement...


    [​IMG] Pepper


    [​IMG] Nutmeg

    [​IMG] Ginger

    [​IMG] Sugar
    [​IMG] LOVE!!!!!

    [​IMG] MORE LOVE!!!!

    [​IMG] Vanilla Bean
    Our newest... a 9 (?) week old chickie~baby (breed?)

    That brings us up to date... just over three months of fun!!

    Just a random note. Vanilla Bean is still picked on a bit, so I hold her until the other girls are all very sleepy before placing her in the coop. Saturday night we watched "Lost In Space" together, last night we watched Shark Week. She is not a fan of Shark Week. I'm just thankful she didn't poop on my lap! LOL

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  1. Aronia
  2. MyPetNugget
  3. country flock
    Love your spice-cupboard names!
  4. dharmasister
    Beautiful flock! I love their names!!!
  5. catschwegel
    beautiful! the story and the photos! congradulations! an the one chic two above is correct...bring him in...settle in with him and watch something that makes you smile...he will pick up on the attitude and adjust to it!! I have had all my roo's in with me and they are all like putty in my hand!
  6. Kluk-Kluk
    Great story and good-looking chickens (and hubby and child, too)... Chickens can be addicting!
  7. jbabco50
    Nice post! After looking at the vanilla bean, i think she is an americana.
  8. N F C
    Completely enjoyed reading your story and the pictures are great!
  9. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  10. One Chick Two
    Great story. Lovely chickies! Great photo with your daughter. Everyone looks like they are having a great time. If you ever need a rooster to get nice and tame, bring him in, put a few old towels down, perch him on the arm cushion of the couch, give him some scrambled eggs and and watch funny movies with him. It is always amazing to me how quickly a chicken tames down when they watch, "Chicken Run". lol
  11. crazyfeathers
    Wonderful story, I truly enjoyed it. Husband and child are keepers that's for sure. I love the coop and the pictures are stunning. I especially like the one of your daughter feeding the 2 ladies. Excellent job..

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