My Little Red Coop Its Tenants

By nanama · Apr 24, 2012 · Updated Apr 24, 2012 · ·
  1. nanama
    450.jpg As a first time chick mama I was very nervous & very excited to be picking up my 4 girls, 2 Orpingtons & 2 Barred Plymouth Rocks! They are 8 weeks old and I'm already crazy about them. My youngest daughter, who is a freshman at Liberty University, can't wait to be home for the summer to hang out with these girls! So far, the Barred Plymouth Rocks seem to be much more sociable than the Orpingtons! Welcome to the family Penelope, Arnold The Girl Chicken, Gypsy & Coffee! 450.jpg 450.jpg 450.jpg

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  1. Krommerod
    I also just got some Barred Plymouth Rocks, and am enjoying your pictures of some a little older - also went to Liberty U. - it was a great school!

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