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By Chickenluv99 · Nov 9, 2013 · ·
  1. Chickenluv99
    Chickens are the best pets you can get! They are amazing pets and I've learned so much about them! I continue to learn more everyday! Below are some pictures of my precious flock
    Above is a picture of my sweet hen Lucky! She is the most curious, sweetest girl! She hatched from an egg that cracked on day 9. I was so surprised when she hatched! She loves attention and will constantly "talk" when someone is around! :lol:
    Here is my sweet little opal. Her story--When my sizzle went missing I was sure she was broody some where. After about a week she was in the yard free ranging with the flock! I flew out the door and watched her until she returned to her nest. 10 eggs! She decided she was done being broody so I gave the eggs to my other hens to brood. They were THRILLED! :lol: Then...out came opal as white as snow. I was super shocked because I don't have any white chickens. Turns out she is a smooth white sizzle!
    Here is my red star hen Roxy. She is SUPER curious! She jumped in the air and ripped a bag out of my hand thinking it was a treat! Her and her sister are always up to something.
    Here is another baby from the missing sizzle. Her name is Pepper and she is a very sweet and loves to be around people!
    Here is my black copper maran rooster and his son, black copper maran sizzle, hanging out! :D They are the sweetest roosters! They are very good to the hens and protect them very well.

    That was a few members of my lovely flock. I have many more :lol:

    Thanks for reading!

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