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    This is my flock of Millie Fleur Belgian Bearded d'Uccles. [​IMG]
    I have been raising them since 2005.
    They are very sweet docile birds, and good mamas.
    My flock consists of:


    Gizmo was hatched by one of my Game hens in spring 2013.
    Despite being raised by natural incubation, he is very tame and docile
    and enjoys being held. Gizmo is my top rooster, and doesn't mind
    letting other roosters who know this. Even if they are double his size!


    Garbanzo hatched out of a batch of mail order hatching eggs in summer 2013
    Though he was handled a lot as a chick, he is rather standoffish and nervous,
    but willing to defend his hens in an attack. Garbanzo is second below Gizmo,
    but the two get along very well.


    Buttons was hatched by a Game hen in spring 2012.
    She is one of my two remaining d'Uccles out of my original stock,
    and one of my personal favorites. Buttons is very calm, a little shy, and enjoys being
    held, but not by strangers. She has had a cankerous growth in her left nostril for the
    past year. Thankfully it does not seem to be getting any larger.


    Speckles was hatched a month after Buttons, and is also out of my original stock.
    In fall 2013 two of my d'Uccles, my Booted bantam, my Sebright, and two mixed
    bantams got out of their coop leaving Speckles and my former rooster in the
    coop. It was early morning, and sadly, a mother fox and kits came through, killing all six
    of the escapees. Though Speckles, still in the coop, was not harmed, she never
    got over the massacre of her flock and has been nervous and jumpy ever since.


    Peppercorn was hatched by a mama hen in spring 2013.
    She is sister to Gizmo, and her father is a Murray Mcmurray rooster,
    who I was not pleased with due to all his daughters having black
    partridging around the base of their tails. Peppercorn is my second flightiest
    d'Uccle, but her personality has improved.


    Buttercup hatched out of mail order hatching eggs in summer 2013.
    She is my friendliest d'Uccle, and my familie's favorite.
    Buttercup loves being held and eating treats out of your hand.
    Though she has has too much white to be on my breeding plan, her wonderful
    personality makes her a for sure keeper.


    Miracle hatched out of mail order hatching eggs in summer 2013.
    She is very friendly, and enjoys people and treats. I accidentally ran
    her over with a chicken tractor when she was a young pullet, and almost died,
    but made a full recovery. Hence her name ''Miracle''


    Sunshine is also out of mail order hatching eggs, and hatched in summer 2013.
    She is my second friendliest d'Uccle and cannot resist being curious of
    every one and thing that comes into the coop. I am hoping for some very
    pretty chicks off of her and Gizmo next spring.


    Ruby is also out of mail order hatching eggs and hatched in summer 2013.
    She is very inquisitive and friendly and enjoys people.
    Ruby has more of a mahogany look to her then my other d'Uccles,
    and is also one of my smaller ones. She is unrelated to Gizmo,
    who I hope to breed her too next spring.


    Jewel was hatched out of mail order hatching eggs in summer 2013
    along with Garbanzo, Buttercup, Miracle, Sunshine, and Ruby,
    shortly after I lost most of my adult d'Uccles to a fox attack.
    Despite being hand raised, she is very flighty and jumpy and does
    not like to be handled.

    Miss Stacy

    Miss Stacy was hatched last summer in my Incubator.
    She is friendly and Docile, but runs when the camera comes out,
    so getting a good photo of her, is very difficult.
    Miss Stacy has a lovely beard, though she lacks much of any
    tail spangles.


    Jubilee is another young d'uccle from this past year.
    She is not overly friendly, but OK with people she knows.
    Jubilee is a very active bird and always on the look out for a
    way to escape.


    Cupcake was also hatched this past summer.
    She is not super friendly, and camera shy like Miss Stacy.
    She is a good layer though, and is one of my larger d'Uccles.


    Cheesecake was hatched in my incubator last year along with
    Miss Stacy, Jubilee, and Cupcake. Though she was handled a lot,
    she is jumpy and does not like to be held, and likes to hang out with
    her sister Cupcake.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Beautiful Birds!
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    Amazing flock!!!
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    They are so cute! What gorgeus birds!
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    Beautiful birds! Love, Love, Love them! I would love a few in my flock!
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    Beautiful! I have a pair of molted dUccles "Hannibal and Clarice" they are both sweet and like extra attention. I recently had to remove them from the flock and now they have the run of the barn and get extra treat this way so I'm sure they're pleased. My flock size is large and I have all heavy breeds and these two little ones were getting picked on. Clarice only lays rarely but I didn't get them for eggs I think they are adorable.
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    Beautiful birds.
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    I love your flock! I really want some Millie Fleur d'Uccles now.
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    Your flock is just SO gorgeous!! I love each of them but Gizmo and Sunshine are my faves. Love their names!

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