My Mini Coop
Hi, I am building this coop for my 2 little girls. We are hoping to house 6-8 Silkies in here.
It is approximately 4'x8' with a run below the coop that is 2' high.

I also put two 2x2's spaced evenly across the width to help support the floor.

This is my painting crew.

Here it is with second coat of paint & you can see the 10"x10" chicken door in the floor. The rod sticking out the left side works a 3/8 thick piece of plexy glass that I used for the door.

Here it is with one of the 22"x29" door/windows installed. There will be one on the other end also.

On this side is where I will later this summer put some external nesting boxes.

View from the inside. You can see at the top of the picture the 2" gap where the vinted ridge cap will go for ventilation.

In this picture I still need to put 1/2" hardware cloth on the gate, hardware cloth & a 1x4 on the other end & trim along the gables of both ends.

Yay!! It's done & in place in the front yard.

Just a picture of the run.

This shows the eye bolt & carabiner I use to hold the door/window up.

This is the latch I put on to keep the chicken door locked. I just used the standard kind because a predator would have to unlock it slide the door open & then get inside the run.

Here you see the ramp. It's a 2x6 with 3/4 x 1" cleats spaced 3 1/2" apart.

OK everyone this is Chuck. Chuck is a certified run inspector & this run passed.

I think he's a little jealous.

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