My Mountain Girls!

By Mountain Peeps · Apr 23, 2014 · Updated Jun 20, 2015 · ·
  1. Mountain Peeps
    My chicken raising adventure started In 2012. I bought five chicks. I lost one, had to get rid of one and then got two new ones. This page is about my current flock of five happy, lovely hens.

    This is Quanie. She lays a quantity of eggs which is what gave me the idea of Quanie as her name. She is an Easter Egger mix who is gentle, sweet and shy. Her blue eggs are sure unique. She is the oldest of the flock and definitely one of my favorites.
    Secondly we have Sunny, a curious, talkative, fluffy, friendly buff orpington. Being my best layer, she lays large, brown eggs with speckles. We call her the "grouch" because her voice is deep and "gravely." She always sounds grumpy when she talks. It's quite funny to listen to since she is always talking.

    Gracie, another buff orpington, is my absolute favorite! She is beyond friendly! She follows me everywhere, eats out of my hand, falls asleep in my arms, loves being held and cuddled, preens my air, sunbathes on my lap and attacks other chickens whom one near her and I! Even though she is a poor layer, she lays light, smooth brown eggs. She's had some health issues and is weak. But she still loves life and always has something to cluck about.

    New to the flock is Rosie, a speckled sussex. She is very hyper, pretty and friendly. Because of her curiosity and energy, she doesn't like to sit in my lap and cuddle. But she still loves to sit on my shoulder and eat from my hand. She sings to herself all day even if she is alone. It seems like she has to investigate EVERYTHING. Her eggs are small and light brown. For some strange reason, she is a very poor layer. She is over a year old and has only laid about 60 eggs.


    Also new to the flock is yet another buff orpington named Daisy. Rosie and her were raised together and are the best of friends. However, her personality is a lot different from Rosie's. She is gentle, friendly, loves to be cuddled with and is quite the dainty chicken. Her eggs are brown and medium sized and she is a very dependable layer.

    I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my flock. I sure do love and spoil them.

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  1. austrolover1
  2. BoomChickaPop
  3. ChickenLover200
    Congrats on having chicken pic of the week!
  4. sunflour
    They are all so beautiful and look like they are lovingly spoiled gals.
    Sunny could be my Penny's twin , and Gracie could be my Lillie's twin.
    Thanks for sharing with us all.
  5. Whittni
    Very cute~
  6. Mountain Peeps
    Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! My girls are happy to know they are famous once again on BYC. ;)
  7. austrolover1
  8. Sally Sunshine
  9. TwoCrows
    Congrats Sarah!! Nice pic of the week!! :)
  10. Ballerina Bird
    These are gorgeous pictures! I love the way you incorporated flowers into many of them. The are all so cute, but I think my favorites are the SS and BO sitting on the steps next to the flowerpot, and Rosie sniffing the marigolds Just adorable.
  11. chicken4prez
    You've got a great flock Sarah!
  12. Wyorp Rock
    Lovely girls! Thank you for sharing!
  13. peastix
    What lovely photos! Pretty hens and flowers etc.
  14. holm25
  15. familyfarm1
    The buff orpingtons are the cutest! So is Quanie!:) What a great flock!
  16. Chickenchick11
    I love your chickens! They're all so pretty.
  17. TwoCrows
    You have the cutest flock! :)
  18. autumnhearth
    Nice flock! That's a beautiful shot of Quanie, love the look on her face, the head tilt and the perfect pea comb! Your Gracie sounds exactly like our Elizabeth who we still refer to as Baby Buff! So friendly and snuggly it *can* be a bit annoying. Interesting one of your Orps give you a speckled egg. Thanks for sharing!
  19. MyPetNugget
    LOVE your flock!! :D It's so cute how Gracie will follow you everywhere. ^.^ Fantastic pictures as well! I like all the close -ups :D
  20. highcountrybell
    very cute! the speckled Sussex are the sweetest girls!!
  21. Mountain Peeps
  22. BantamFan4Life
  23. PeckPeckChick

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