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  1. questions543
    I'm 14 and live on a small property in the middle of a fancy neighboorhood and I'm a born farm kid. I always want to be outside. I have my own dog and im always trying to get jobs on farms. At one point I decided I couldn't wait any longer and I just NEEDED to bring somethings I was learning on a farm home. I started my own vegetable garden and I'm in the middle of building my own greenhouse. But I wanted to have more. I wanted to actualy have animals. The only animals we are allowed are chickens and I always have fun on my lunch break with them on at my summer job. Anyways... I wont bore you with any details about my life because this is about my 7 chicken :) (Which Took ALOT of "persuading" my family (just like everything else I do :p))

    Ill list my chickens in order of their pecking order from top to bottom. The chickens we have are soo well behaved and all come running too me and all are amazing with being picked up. and cuddled (some more than others [​IMG]) They all like watery fruit on a hot day!(Such as watermelon)

    I got all my chickens from breeders.... Except for Bandita and Savannah, They were bought from a friend

    This is budge our Rhode Island red x Black australorp. She was the first one to learn how to use the ramp and is the second oldest of our flock at 8-11 weeks of age. Her absolute favourite is hen scratch and will go bonkers for it. She is never too aggresive with anyone else and Is a great leader. We call her budge because she is all budging her friends out of the way nearly never pecking.


    This is Smokey my barred rock. Lately she is starting to challenge budge recently but nothing to big. Her favourite food is hen scratch as well. She always makes me laugh because she is just SO curious trying t get at my pocket because shes figured out thats where the treats come from :p. Shes the only one that will stand up to our dog and cat. Her and budge are like sisters and cam from the same place. THey've develloped a "sister like bond" So I just call them sisters. Shes the oldest at 11 weeks.


    This is raven my French black copper Marans. Shes our "purple bird" and our triple bird because her name is raven she sounds like a duck and shes a chicken :p. She didn't come from the best life and isn't the most social but will still jump on your lap for treats. She used to refuse to eat of your hand... Shes come a long way. Shes develloped a bond with sunny. She is 6 weeks old. and comes running to me when Im in the run along with my other birds. Her favourite treat is the treat another bird is having at the momment and she must have the same one. [​IMG]


    Tis is sunny our White leghorn. When I got her. She wouldn't let me into a 10 foot radius near her but as you can see in the picture she has mellowed down quite a bit. You cant see it in the picture but she has a MAGNIFICENT tail. She has been the escape artist and escaped twice and once survived an encounter with our cat. Her favourite treat is yogurt and makes quite a mess when eating it. She is 51/2 weeks old now and growing the fastest out of all my girls.


    This is summer my beautiful Blue laced red wyandotte. My first chick. She recently passed away at 5 1/2 weeks of age [​IMG]. I dd all I could but coming from a backround of no immunity she suffered the most from coccidiosis no matter what the medicine. She was cute, pretty and fluffy and she knew it. She would go and and plot down in the cutest way before she got sick. She will always be special to me. She came from an old couple in an apartment. They tried to hatch eggs and she was the only one to hatch. We got her when she was 3 weeks old and it was fun to see her meet chickens for the first time in her life. Her favourite treat are tomatoes. (no other birds really like them so she is lucky) and flies!. Yes she is an expert flycatcher. She will also always pick out the cracked corn in the chicken scratch.
    She will always be special to me and loves to perch on me and my shoulder.


    This is Bandita our easter egger. Now this is our character on the flock and will try to roost on the other chickens at night or under them making quite a ruckus in the coop at night. [​IMG] quite a show to watch. She has attached herself to Savannah because she was like a sister to her when they arrived (they both came from the same place) and never picked on her ( Bandita was the only bird the girls USED to pick on). If Savannah's in the area banditas not far behind! She is our little girl that always makes me laugh with her actions. She loves cherries when its hot ... Or any other weather really :p

    And finally this is Savannah a speckeld sussex. Shes the calmest of the bunch and right when I got her just trusted and fell asleep on my lap. She is now 5 weeks old (older than sunny and summer and still the smallest of the bunch. Her favourite treat is yogurt and the ends of lettuce. She loves scratch around run for food that I poured there instead of going to the feeder.


    I have always been amazed at how birds all have their own personalities and to be honest I dont care too much about the eggs :p (Not that Im not looking forward to them!)

    Here are some more pictures of the girls

    This is smokey and budge (the sisters scratching for food :)

    Smokey studying the camera :p

    My cat... "guardian of the coop"

    "please oh please let me in?"

    Bandita like usual following Savannah

    Will keep you updated!

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  1. questions543
    thank you everyone for replying! Appreciate it.
  2. 3 Golden Girls
    This grandmother enjoyed reading about you and your chickens. Your chickens are pretty and lucky to be so well cared for.
  3. HomesteadinTeen
    Thats awesome! Wonderful looking birds! It's so cool to see another teen with the same passion I do! I'm fifteen so I can relate! Keep up the good work!
  4. Silkie Nut
    Very pretty chickens! I love the speckled sussex
  5. mystiquepwd
    Thanks for sharing your story. It's wonderful to read about a young person interested in the outdoors. Your chickens are beautiful and it's easy to tell you spend a lot of time taking care of them. Keep up the good work!
    Home of 6 light Brahmas, 4 BLR Wyandottes, 8 SL Wyandottes, 5 Mille Fleur D'Uccle, 4 RIR, 3 Jersey Giants, 7 mixed chickens, and 4 Portuguese Water Dogs.

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