My new 5 week old chickes

By keribr · May 6, 2014 · ·
  1. keribr
    Hi I have 4 baby's that I got three days ago what do I need to do so that they are not so scarred of me and my daughter and her friends. I want to clean out the coop, but they get scared and hurt the other chickens they are always in a corner when i go in. I am trying to walk in slow and take to them. I don't want mean chicks . and I dont want them mean when they get bigger

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  1. AnnJoyce
    I'm new to this also but if they are 5 weeks old and you've just moved them to your coop, they will probably need a little time to adjust to the new location. I would say that perhaps you should go into the coop alone and sit, if possible, very quietly with them so they become accustomed to you. Going slow and speaking quietly is a good thing. It might help if you offer them some of their feed in your outstretched hand, allowing them to come to you. I wouldn't try to pick them up until they are a little more relaxed with their new surroundings. You didn't say how old you daughter was but I would emphasize to them how scary it must be for these new chicks to be in a new place. Good luck! What kind did you get?

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