Here are my new babies.
chicks008.jpg chicks001-1.jpg
Two of my buff orpingtons. My only light Brahma(Chrystal)
chicks004-1.jpg chicks005.jpg
A golden laced wyandotte taking a poo. Silver laced wyandotte
So total i have 5 buffs, 2 silver laced wyandottes, 3 golden laced wyandotte, 2
barred rocks, and 1 light brahma.
I am having a blast with these chicks and so glad I decided to embark in this little
Here are the chick at 2 1/2 weeks.

chicks001-3.jpg chicks002-1.jpg
chicks004-2.jpg chicks005-1.jpg
chicks007-2.jpg chicks012.jpg
I love to watch them sleep.
today pics

chicks022.jpg chicks024.jpg
chicks025.jpg chicks026.jpg
chicks030.jpg chicks028.jpg
their feathers all look different now, it Sunday and they will be 3 weeks Wed.
Here are chicks at 5 weeks, they look so different.
newchickenpics001.jpg newchickenpics003.jpg
newchickenpics005.jpg newchickenpics006.jpg
newchickenpics010.jpg newchickenpics013.jpg
newchickenpics014.jpg newchickenpics017.jpg