My New Outdoor Tree Branch Designed Roost

By Red Barn Farms · Aug 1, 2012 · ·
  1. Red Barn Farms
    My chickens free range in the late afternoon and they will take a break and fly up and rest on the new roost. I had several wild grapevines growing and it was either cut them down or use them to my best advantage. So I came up with this idea. The roost sits next to a giant tree and now provides a nice shady location for my chickens to take a break in the afternoon. I wrapped the vines around the branches so they will grow more uniformly and will make it easier for me to keep pruned.




    I cut two branches 6 foot tall and the shorter branches are 4 foot. I then layed them all on the ground and used screws to secure them all together. It makes a very strong support.

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  1. bellanonna
    I love how natural it looks!
  2. crazy4chickens5
    Awesome idea! I have something kind of like that for my chickens and guinea fowl. The grapevine idea was very clever. :)
  3. MamaBear46
    very cool idea!

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