My nifty hanging water bucket.

By mschickee · Sep 30, 2015 ·
  1. mschickee
    Used a 3 gallon plastic laundry bucket had on hand , ordered (5) nipples off ebay for $1.76 shipped from China. Used an old piece of hunting equipment as the hanger. I don't remember it's name, but you hang game from it to clean. To protect the bucket from sunlight I grabbed one of my leftover black plastic planters. Cut the bottom outta the planter, cut slits in the planter handles, ran zip ties through the slits for hanging loops. Added two small s hooks to my hanging frame and slid the planter around the bucket, attached to s hooks via zip ties. Viola! My 5 RIR hens took the bucket within an hour of it being hung. With the new set up I just lower one side of the planter, pull my bucket, clean, refill, rehang. Previously I was using a simple auto waterer. (Bucket with small hole drilled in near top lip, cap bucket, flip upside down). That got old for me, since no matter how high I raised the dish they still kept the water pretty messy.

    Supplies needed: bucket with lid
    water nipples
    s hooks (2)
    black plastic planter
    hanging device
    chain, rope, etc.[​IMG]




    to hang it from

    I had everything on hand but the nipples. Ordered a 5 pack from China via ebay $1.76 shipped. Hardest part was the wait for the nipples to get here.

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