My Pacific Northwest chicken coop

By Emily77 · Mar 29, 2018 ·
  1. Emily77
    Uh, I’ve never made a page about my chicken coop!
    15 new chicks and 3 new ducklings will be the new residents of the coop as soon as they’re feathered and big enough.
    We just expanded the outdoor run last summer. We have the same indoor coop, a walk-in 10’x6’ space with 20’ of roosts, 3 raised chicken nest boxes and now a ground level nest space for the ducks. The old outdoor run was just a little 6’x18’ fenced area that extended off the back of the coop, a dirt/mud run. The outside run now is 18x22’, with 1/3 of that outdoor space roofed (it’s the Pacific Northwest, rain is plentiful). The rest of the top is chicken-wired over, to keep out hawks and owls and raccoons and the like. I also added some stuff to keep them engaged and not so bored, a couple of perches sunk in cement in-ground, a ladder made of branches, and two swings.
    Now ducks! I just dug a tiny (5x5’x2’ deep) pond this week, to be enclosed as an add-on wing (6x8’)to the current chicken run. I’m hopeful it will be enough out of the way that the ducks won’t completely muddify the run. View attachment 1319672 View attachment 1319672 View attachment 1319672 DD18A69E-A260-406E-A20D-466DC7ECFC45.jpeg

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