This is about my favorite chickens! Mostly pictures though.

Oreo is a barred rock. She is the kindest, funniest, bossiest, and friendliest chicken ever! She died about two years ago
. She was the 4th chick to hatch out of my first batch of eggs.
She and 11 other brothers and sisters. Even though she was one of the smallest hens she was almost at the top of the pecking order. She would always find a way to fly the coop and free-range!
The other chickens always so jealous! Oreo once laid two eggs a day every other day for two weeks!! she later became broody and out of her four eggs she hatched two.
There was some complications with the second one (I will talk about them later.). But the chicks names were Penny and cookie. she raised them like a good mother and then when they were grown one day she flew the coop, that night she never got back in the coop and I never saw her again.

Gracie is a really cute Rhode Island red! She is really curious and sweet! She also is really stupid. She will go right up to you and peck your legs or your shoes to get your attention, and then will look for a treat! She 1 of the 6 Rhode Island reds we got this year from Tractor Supply. She is a good layer, and I hope to have more adventures to come with her!


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