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    Heres my chicken story starting just 5 years ago i found my new favorite pet, a chicken! In the summer of 2011 we got 7 cute fuzzy chicks. 5 Buff orps and 1 Production red. By the time we had gotten our chicks we had built a large coop big enough for more than just 7 so the next year we had to get some more cute birds.[​IMG]
    Yellowfeet as a pullet[​IMG] the new pullets we had gotten where 3 Americanas or EEs and 3 Cuckoo Marans who lay dark brown eggs. They where all fuzzy as chickens and they are as grown ups too. Chickens all got along even better. They had fun digging around for bugs and getting there favorte treat... mealworms! The 14 hens we had at the times where between the ages of 1-2. Some were younger. The pullets names are Hammy also known as hamburger, Chickmunk... Also known as broody beucase she goes BROODY alot, Feathers, Coopy, David the hen :gig cow and our Barred Rock rooster named Bravey beucase as a pullet we thought he was just a brave hen. As time went on Bravey became very protective of his hens and attacked who ever went near them or held them. Bravey was eaten by a fox sometime in august of 2012 and the hens seemed to not notice. Braveys favorte hens where the Americanas and Speedo one of my Bufforpington hens. They always followed him around everywhere. [​IMG]
    Bravey with one of his favorte hens Feathers.

    Later in the winter i went out in the cold to the coop to check for eggs. I was suprised to find Speedo broody in one of iur laying boxes. I saw a dark fuzzy chick stick its head out of her wing, when i looked closer there where 3 little chicks under Speedo! A few hours later we brought the chicks inside and had them under a warm heat lamp in a large chick pen. The chicks grew and grew and as they got older they looked kind of differant. At about 3 months old the chicks who where taken care of by my friendly Buff Orpington speedo where big and a little bigger than the others when they where at that age. And it turned out the 3 birds who where each part Barred rock, one was Speedos one was Broodys and one was cows... Where all not pullets but where COCKROLS. They where named Rosie the cockrol, Elvis the cockrol and Bravey JR. They where very mean to our hens so we lat them go in the woods which they seemed to enjoy. In the summer Turd one of our Buff Orps passed for no known reason. :hit In the winter it got hard. Doris one of our original birds the production red got sick. She had weird stuff on her eyes and was terrible in the cold. Sadley she didnt make it. :(

    The next year 2014 we got some more chicks. 2 Dominiques, 2 Golden Laced Wyandottes and 2 more Production Reds. There names: Pilot, wattles, lily, lila, beeky (had crooked beek) and Doris. They all where so cute. Even Beeky the chick with the crooked beek. Beeky had a hard time eating and drinking and spilled alot of food on the ground when she tried to eat. The 6 chicks all went out for an hour a day until they where old enougn to move into the big chicken coop with my other birds in it. Beeky seemed to get more and more lethargic everyday until when she was a month old she just had not had enough food or water and was unable to eat or drink. Beeky fell in a unconcious sleep for a few hours and was unable to be woken up. Beeky didnt make it but maybe if i had joined BYC sooner i could have saved her with all the helpful chicken people. Later that year about 5 months later lily the young Dominique Pullet who was Pilots sister was found standing in the rain on one leg. She was all wet and could only stand on one of her feet. I figured out that she had either broken, spranged or somehow hurt her foot so bad she couldnt walk on it at all. If you are wondering, yes a chicken can live with a broken or severly hurt foot with proper care. Everyday i fed Lily and gave her water and every day i gave her a chance to limp around a bit with the other birds. Lily was still smaller than the rest but was doing well. A few weeks later i found her out her self free ranging with the others limping around much less. About 3 weeks later i could not find lily and looked all around for her. After calling her name for about 10 minutes i looked into the neihbors yard and saw something terrible. I saw lilys feathers spread around but no lily. After looking around the place we found something even more terrible with something to do with lilys already chosen fate. We found her head in a neaf neihbors yard. after that we had found out lily had gottne under our chicken yard fence and had gotten eaten by a CAT. Ever since than id hated cats. (Sorry cat lovers) i saw a cat in that yard a month later :he

    The next year we didnt buy more chicks but it turns out we didnt need to. In the summer we where given 3 cute chickens from our neihbors who where moving. They said the hens names are Rosie, Apples and bannana. We couldnt figure out who was named apples or bannana so we renamed them as Henny and frenchie and we kept Rosies name as rosie. That night rosie slept on the coop and the next morning she was gone. We told our neihbors who gave the hens to us and we all looked for her. Meanwhile all our other 17 hens where at there coop freeranging around the yard. A person who lived about a half a mile away brought her back and said she was in theyre yard which means she had crossed the road!!! :lol:
    Rosie was healthy and had survived a day out in the world!!! Rosie and Henny are Red stars and Frenchie was a Susex hen. Later frenchie fell ill for no reason. We brought her to the vet and they did not know. She was sick for 2 months and one day had no energy to walk so she layed down the whole day. The next day she was sleeping on the ground and i watched her the entire time. Some hens csme over to look at her bur knew she was sick so left. I picked her up and than she threw up so i put her back down. Than she had a fit which was bad to watch and didnt move. :(

    Our other hens missed Frenchie but where healthy otherwise. In the winter Rosie got an impacted crop and was brought to the vet on the 4th day. She was given some anti swelling meds and antibiotics and had a 85 percent chance of it working and it worked! :cd. Rosie was than a happy hen. Later Rosie became ill again and had had internal laying. About 2 months later rosie passed away but after a long trip beofre so she seemed to be so much better than beofre than got worse. :hit
    Rosies sister Henny misses her and so do the others. The next year all the chickens celebrated christmas with many new treats and add ons to the coop like a chicken swing, fresh hay and a treat ball. The chickens have fun with there presents and love the updated coop. I feed my hens treats daily and they also get fresh straw every week. I try to keep my coop as clean as possible :gig and the laying boxes although my hens love to crack open eggs and eat them. :yiipchick

    All my chickens names are Speedo, redface, cupcake, yellowfeet, funchick the Buff Orpingtons. Wattles the wyandotte, Lila and doris the production reds, Pilot also known as pilly the Dominique, Coopy david and cow the Cuckoo Marans, Feathers, Hammburger (Hammy) Broody the americanas and Henny the red sex link. All thses birds are my favorte pets in the world and are the best pets I could ever have. My 16 birds bring happyness and love to my backyard. I love all my chickens. [​IMG]
    Henny sunbathing under the heat lamp


    Lila eating yogurt



    I curently have no more good pictures of my birds but im going to get more to put on here. I have a lot of picture taking to do! :lol:
    Also... Sorry about my terrible spelling. I have no auto correct.:lol:

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