My Poultry!

  1. Hybridchucks
    My Poultry
    Thanks in advance for reading!
    I have 12 hybrid hens for eggs and pets!

    The hens and ducks are called Ruby, Queeny, Amber, Scarlet, Polly, Gabby and the new additions; Elsa and Anna (amber hybrid type), ( ginger-nut hybrid type) Ronda, Rowen, Charlotte and Alexa, 2 Khaki Campbell ducks called Claudia and Caramel and a Call duck drake named Pippin.
    DSC03773.jpg DSC03740.jpg DSC03739.jpg DSC03741.jpg DSC03769.jpg Polly!
    DSC03757.jpg DSC03755.jpg DSC03750.jpg These three pictures are of Ruby (in front) ↑
    DSC03756.jpg DSC03752.jpg DSC03752.jpg Gabby ↑

    DSC03749.jpg DSC03771.jpg
    On 1st pic is Ginger (RIP) :hit and on 2nd pic is her on the far right.
    Gabby on far left and Polly in front! :th

    DSC03767.jpg DSC03768.jpg
    Amber in front, in both pics ↑ :)
    DSC04288 (1).jpg DSC03772.jpg DSC03731.jpg Scarlet! ↑ DSC03736.jpg Queeny with the "eyebrows" ↑ :lau
    DSC04521.jpg Charlotte! ↑ (new) :love
    DSC04519.jpg Elsa (new) :love
    DSC04523.jpg Anna! (new)↑ :love (Rowen and Ronda in background :p) :love
    DSC03823.jpg Caramel (Claudia looks the same.)
    DSC04055.jpg DSC04057.jpg
    Tiger, (he had stripes when he was a chick lol) Button quail or Chinese Painted cute and VERY tame! :love
    DSC04053 (1).jpg Mickey. He's an American Budgerigar, Tiger's best friend.

    And last but not least, Pippin DSC03005.jpg DSC03008.jpg DSC03069 (1).jpg DSC03051 (2).jpg DSC03050 (1).jpg As a baby!:love DSC03733.jpg as a "teen" lol
    DSC04032.jpg DSC04046.jpg DSC04052.jpg was in duckie hospital with angel wing....but now all fixed. *whew*
    DSC04207.jpg Hiding in the bath of a travel lodge (hotel) lol :oops::lol:

    Thanks for reading ;)

    - Tov

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  1. Hybridchucks
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    1. blackdust951
  2. Hybridchucks
    The next door neighbour is having him, so he is technically still mine.....shhhhhhh! lol
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    1. sassysarah123
  3. sassysarah123
    Pippa is so cute! :love:love:love:love
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    1. Hybridchucks
      Thanks! Its a Pippin now :( haha! he is a drake sadly!
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    2. sassysarah123
      Oh, Are you keeping her??
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    3. sassysarah123
      I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. brucifer
    If you search "Official BYC Caption Contest," the link will pop up. @sumi is always looking for photos. The frontal of Amber would be perfect!:D
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    1. Hybridchucks
      Thank you!! :D
  5. brucifer
    You should enter the frontal shot of Amber in the monthly Photo Caption Contest. That photo is hilarious! :lau
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    1. Hybridchucks
      thanks!!! cud you tag me or gimme a link? xx tanks!
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  6. alexa009
    So beautiful Hybridchucks!! Thank you for naming her after me!!!!:hugs:hugs:hugs:hugs:hugs They are all so beautiful!!:love:love I feel like I am not be nice enough!!!
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    1. Hybridchucks
      Yu are very welcome, i didn't think u would like it! xxx thanksssss xxxx
  7. ChickenCowboy02
    Awesome!!!:D All are so cute!!!:love
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  8. sassysarah123
    Oh my gosh! They are all so adorable!!!!!
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    1. Hybridchucks
  9. alexa009
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  10. Hybridchucks
    THANK U SO MUCH! @alexa009 you are awesome!!!!!!:woot:hugs
    and everybody!
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  11. alexa009
    I rated it 5 stars!!! I would like to do 100 but of course it won't let me!! Lol!!
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  12. Hybridchucks
    Im getting some more hens soon!!!
  13. alexa009
    I love your article, Hybridchucks! You did a great job!
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  14. Hybridchucks
    thank u! :thumbsup
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  15. Woytgirl
    The hens are cute but the duckling is adorable!!:love
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  16. Hybridchucks
    its fine lol! xx
  17. Leah567
    Oops... Lol!!
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  18. Hybridchucks
    bottom of article lol ;):lol:
  19. Leah567
    Beautiful birds!!! and duckling!! What are their names?
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